When My Heart Kissed Your Soul!


She is the Angel
A special girl
Gifted by the Almighty
Heart winning smiles
Expressive eyes
Which conveys all
Without a touch of a word
A Lovely soul
Attracting all the passersby.
Emerged out of the womb
Idle & quiet
Without a feel or reaction
Of change
From darkness
To light
Lacking the power
Of recognition & feel.
The parents
The extended family
Concerns rose high
Finding her different
From the others
It raised suspicion
Spilling out
Numerous queries & reactions.
In distress & dismay
They searched for the savior
A Messiah to
Help her out
To be normal like all.
Reached all
Bowing their heads
To each Durbar
With a belief
She is cured.
It isn’t a disease
That medicines can cure
It’s an impairment
Congenital issue
The thing she has to carry
All her life.
All were dumb
To hear the declaration
The conclusion, the doctors drew
Asking Almighty
Why we were blessed
With a curse to a life.
Time passed
Years rolled by
All got attuned
To her lifestyle.
She is lucky
To have caring siblings
Never is she ignored
Even for a single second.
Her heart winning smiles
Her friendly winks
Befriends all.
She is cursed
To live a life 
of shortcomings
Family & Well Wishers
Showers all the affections
She is the lucky charm of all.
A special child of God
We all are Blessed
To have Her around
Has Strewn All 
In One Single Thread.

© Ila Varma 29/10/2015  

This post is in honor of my special sister, who is a special child of God.

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4 thoughts on “When My Heart Kissed Your Soul!”

  1. Indrani says:

    She is very special! My loads of love and affection for her.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Indrani, your words count a lot.

  2. Pranay Verma says:

    Shailu Mausi is just an awesome gift to the family…it gives immense pleasure and a sense of true belief within oneself to be patient and respect others…She has seen us growing and all ups and downs for us in front of her has crossed through but without any reaction. I still believe that all her feelings are similar like us but she reveals it through her emotions and expressions. Having said this, I salute you, mausi's, mama, nanaji and just feel speechless for extraordinary effort put in by nani…No one can feel the pain Nanaji and Nani has gone through but at some point of time every must have learnt something from shailza mausi…A teacher with no experience, but seen all degrees…and taught lessons to too many people in her life whoever have crossed through so far…Wishing her my best wishes to her…

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