When I was in Class 3, my father bought an Ambassador car. We were very happy at the arrival of our car. My father didn’t know riding or driving two wheeler or four wheeler, till he bought his own. A driver was hired for the classes and a Big L was written on the front & rear side of the car and his driving class picked up at a slow pace.I was fascinated by the passion of driving and I made sure to join my father on his driving class seated on the back seat of the car & I focused more on the tricks of driving. I was keen to take up driving later in life so I concentrated more. 

My father was keen in learning but before this he had never tried cycling or riding in life, so he dashed more frequently in comparison to other learners who knew riding a bike. He had an obsession to learn and he did learn though he took more time and even the face of  Ambassador received brutal blows one after the other from all corners and finally Papa was successful in completing his driving classes and steered well behind the wheels with confidence.

The car was sent to the garage for the makeover after the driving classes concluded and a hefty sum was paid to get back into proper shape.

After that, our errands started during school holidays or on occasions of the family get together. We four (my siblings) all used to get packed in our car and our adventurous journey started. He had developed passion for driving and he drove with full confidence and was adventurous on roads, (now when I recollect back those adventurous drives, I feel he took more risk ) 

We were the one who insisted him to race with the other cars on roads and he did chase them with full speed and left the others behind. We clapped & rejoiced on his overtures on road (now I get goosebumps recalling).

He was so adventurous on roads that he never mind to bounce on the speed breakers or on the open craters on road & finally when we reached the destination, the car was bound to visit garage to get the dismantled parts fixed. It was a routine affair and he never bothered. He thoroughly enjoyed driving and we naughty creatures never left an opportunity to give him an undaunted task on road and he complied with us heartily.

                                                  It was the Bliss Of Ignorance

Papa tried all the tricks on roads, but he maintained his car well and it was spotless clean inside and outside and he did all by himself without any support staff. 

On Sundays, I used to help him in washing and cleaning though he never asked to but my lurking interest made me do because I had an inner inkling for driving and the passion of the same drove me near.

My father is nearing 75 and is not keeping well due to health issues and has grown weak. Sometimes, I feel lost seeing him, Is he the same who used  drive ruthlessly on the roads without any fear.

How time changes and we change with time

© Ila Varma 24/10/2015   


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