The Hypocrisy

Candles lighted
Prayers Held
For the Soul to Rest in Peace.

Till alive
I lived in dismay
The ordeal of life was tough
None came near to console.

Amazed by the gathering in numbers
Where were they
When I was helpless
Wrecked at heart.

Why this hypocrisy
You are showing to the world
With fake tears n prayers
Out of fear.

I am free to wander in the open sky
Far away from the binding
Of fake relationships.

In Heaven
God laughs at the Mistake

He did
In creating Men.

 © Ila Varma 15/10/2015

( The views are solely mine, it’s a spontaneous germination inside my mind. There is no intention to offend anyone.Enjoy reading the feelings of a soul after life)

Thoughts Uncovered II

All stands unfazed

Till she is silent

No-one  cares

Of the music

She is sweeping in.

© Ila Varma 2015


Superficial Chase

The castle of our ancestors 
still amidst the fields
Once it recognized 
Our wails,
yells, and cries.

The place where we learnt 
stand, walk n play
The fields, on which 
We rolled, ran and jumped.

Plucked the strands of leaves and
Walked bare on the green grass
Carpeted with the droplets of
Sun bathed   in the winter’s noon
Gazed at the stars in the
Leaving us mesmerized at the view.

We grew in the lap of nature

Smelling and breathing 
Spurts of
fresh air
Diving, floating and swimming
Playing in the pools of water.
We flew far, 
Far away from the
Leaving the pearls of life behind.

The dreams turned real
Monotonous was the life
Chasing the blues of city-life.

Life took a drastic turn
Locked behind the walls
Of the glam world.
Paying for the things, 
We got free
Names were New, 
For the things Old
Gym for Stretches, 
Oxygen Bars
for Air.

Today when I stand before the
Adding n Subtracting
Accounting the Joys n Sorrows of Life
In close introspection I discovered
The losses outweighed the gains.

The times have changed now
Impossible to rewind.
I lost my originality
In adapting the superficiality of city-life.

© Ila Varma 12/10/2015 

You Make Me Smile

Smile is the most priceless, precious possession & the best curve of our body which eases off tension. To exchange smiles you don’t need to know the language n still you can smile at each other and be friendly.
When one is in despair or in dismay, it’s not easy to smile. There are people in our life whose mere presence makes us smile. Just a glimpse of a child forces us to smile at his innocence.
When you are low and alone, visit the children’s park and watch their activities. You are bound to laugh or smile watching their mischiefs or naughty acts n you will recall the days when you did the same n it will leave you with a feeling how silly we were. You may find their mother’s fretting n fuming and at their wits end when they don’t listen, but watching their activities will certainly send you goose bumps. Even parent’s fake anger on their children to control their whims, but it gives them happiness in plenty. We are reminded of our times n we laugh at them thinking how innocent we were and unreflective of the consequences, which we become aware with the experiences n age advance. That’s the beauty of life.
A toddler smile leaves us smiling.
The love of our life makes us smile, it can be anyone. Mostly with the love of life, love of the opposite sex is associated and it holds true in most of the cases, but still the love in any form or with anyone whom you love keeps you happy. It’s not necessary that the person stays with you, it can be a long distance relationship, but the mere thought of him or her sends smiles to your lips n u feel happy from within. In the most trying times, just a phone call, a mail (replaced by hand written letters) or a mere presence gives you loads of happiness.
In my life, even in the roughest times, which I often meet with, my family members near me makes me smile,  joy bursts in the company of innocent children and the blooming buds in the garden gives me immense satisfaction in life and keeps me smiling in spite of all odds and I keep smiling burying the odds inside.

© Ila Varma 2015

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This is written for the post Indispire ,Edition 86

Blessed To Be A Mother

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Quote By Kalam:

The Only Day In Your Life, Your Mother Smiled When You Cry.

I writhed in pain

The world seemed dark with fear
The sweet cries of you my dear
filled me with pride.

The immense pain vanished

In fraction of seconds
That I underwent to bear.

The dream I started weaving
The day my love germinated
Inside my womb.    
It was celestial to feel
a life evolving inside
With the cute little kicks
Tingling in my tummy.

Gradual changes in me
with life growing inside me
Making me gorgeous
Day by day.

With each passing hour
edging near hope
With a faith
to feel soft and supple
Over the nine months
Appear to be true.

As you lay on my chest
Cute little mouth moved over my nipples
and milk overflowed to quench your thirst.

The small little fingers
clinging on my arms with a faith
cute little eyes twinkling
gaze fixed on my face.

The feeling was awesome
Which words can’t hold.
Blessed to be a Mother
of this cute little soul.

© Ila Varma 10/10/2015

I Hold You Close & Tight!

Dark Clouds Thundering
Lightning Snaking Through
I Hold You Close & Tight
Inhaling The Fragrance Of Your Presence
With Your Arms Around Me In Tight Embrace.
The Strong Winds Blowing
Brought Me Much Closer
Erasing The Boundaries Within
Fears Eloped Faraway
My Eyes Bright
Sparkling With The Drizzle Of Your Love
The Heavens Blessed Us
Drenching Us In Showers Of Rain
Our Lips Trembled & Quivered
You Sealed My Lips With Yours
Instilling Warmth Within
Swallowing The Nectar Of Love
Hearts Entwined With The Passion Of Our True Love
We Promised To Live As One Soul
Dwelling In Two Bodies
Vowed Not To Part Till Death
Do Us Apart.

 © Ila Varma 07/10/2015 (Spontaneous)

Musings Of Heart


Pranav, My Fantastico and I started from Chandigarh early in the morning for Shimla for a weekend. We wanted to celebrate our second anniversary in the lap of nature, far away from the maddening crowd and in privacy been just, we two, with ample time for each other. I craved for close proximity,  fancied to see his eyes  brimming with love and lust and secretly prying on my curves & make me feel wanted and desired. I too wanted to surrender myself in his warm embrace and feel his breath pouring on me endlessly…My innate desires. 


We both worked in the corporate world in Delhi and rarely had we time for each other in weekdays. It would be a totally packed up days with loads of work at office and thanks to the tech world, we had to be at our wits ends  laced with Androids n tablet which followed even during the nature call. It was enough that we could see each other and feel the presence.

The nature of work was similar of both of us; research & target based both running towards our goal ignoring the inner cravings, longing for moments of togetherness in solitude, a touch or a hug. We did touch, shake hands or hug each other but due to time constraints all was mechanical, the real feelings missed or was suppressed and couldn’t flare up. In handshake rather than sensing the touch of our hands, we sensed the gadgets that our handheld.  Even on bed the act we indulged in was a kind of mechanical, I stress on mechanical; seldom we indulged in foreplay. We indulged only when libido couldn’t control us.


There were times when Pranav ‘s or mine urges were high in the early morning, but the wall clock dangling in front didn’t permit and it had to be abandoned with a meaningless Sorry. I insist on meaningless because it truly did not hold any meaning if we really meant then we would have tried at another time. We had become totally mechanical and running with time for money. This was our life and I feel most of us are leading this kinda.

We loved each other more than anything but in marriage, there is an ample importance of touch and feel. It adds spark to the relationship and the three golden words, “I Love You” signifies the whole eternity into it. I badly desired “me” time with my pal Mr. Fantastico to listen to the peppy tunes and surrender ourselves in each other’s arms, but on the way we were treading, dreadful dreams navigated into the crevices of mind.In solitude when I look into those moments, I feel that it isn’t easy and the relationship won’t stand long if we continue with this pace. 

To be continued…..Story Part II


© Ila Varma 2015

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Thoughts Uncovered – I

Array of thoughts gathers around me
confusing me to the core
which one to pick; which one to drop.
I yearn to keep all 
the precious pearls of our encounters
Together strewn they make beautiful memoirs
Of Our Love.

 © Ila Varma 2015

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