I love October
The mornings are lovely
The cool breezes  enveloping the earth
Enlivens our mood
Beating the heat of monsoons.

A sheath of dew drops
Clinging to each petals
Shimmering like diamonds.
It’s a lovely view to watch
Soothing our eyes.

Colorful birds flock all the way
To our land
Flapping ,soaring n nose diving in the sky
It’s chirps filling the void of nature.

The trees  clothed with new tender leaves
Bushes n climbers with new fragile tendrils
The buds ready to spout any moment
Refracting with wonderful hues.

The colorful butterflies
Hovering over the blooms
Rejoicing over the juices
The aroma brewing in the air.

It’s beautiful to start the day
On a beautiful note of comfort
Sipping warm cup of coffee
Soul exalted at the myriads of nature.

Sitting on my roof
Filled with gratitude
My heart praises
Thanking Almighty
To be blessed by
The varied hues of nature
In different forms of flora n fauna.

© Ila Varma 20/10/2015      

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