Dark Clouds Thundering
Lightning Snaking Through
I Hold You Close & Tight
Inhaling The Fragrance Of Your Presence
With Your Arms Around Me In Tight Embrace.
The Strong Winds Blowing
Brought Me Much Closer
Erasing The Boundaries Within
Fears Eloped Faraway
My Eyes Bright
Sparkling With The Drizzle Of Your Love
The Heavens Blessed Us
Drenching Us In Showers Of Rain
Our Lips Trembled & Quivered
You Sealed My Lips With Yours
Instilling Warmth Within
Swallowing The Nectar Of Love
Hearts Entwined With The Passion Of Our True Love
We Promised To Live As One Soul
Dwelling In Two Bodies
Vowed Not To Part Till Death
Do Us Apart.

 © Ila Varma 07/10/2015 (Spontaneous)

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