Creating New

Turning the leaves of my album
I learnt
In a bid to walk with time
I created many new alliances
Irrigating with love & care.
Old relations were snapped
Few left us
Some bid adieu forever
Few were deliberate pull outs
Some dissolved in the air.

I believed
I couldn’t walk in the absence 
Of the people
I started my life with.

Got busy in chasing life
Without looking back.
New hands approached
Replacing old.
Old ones left silently
Snapping the strings.

after walking miles & miles
I find myself
In a crowd of only new faces
Replacing the Old.
Firming my belief
It’s a part of life
Where you part with
Creating spaces for new.

None can deny
Time is the best healer
Time is the best teacher.

© Ila Varma 01/11/2015

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2 thoughts on “Creating New”

  1. Good one! Enjoyed reading…

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks a lot Rajeev!
      These feelings crop up at the ultimate truth of life, "Death" n when we lose someone near n dear. I lost one of my teacher, day before yesterday (she was relieved from the pain she was in) leaving me emotional.I convey my feelings thru my words.

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