As far we travel in life, the reminiscences of the past are close to our heart and we languish for it.

As poet Shelley has put in, “Our sweetest Songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts”.it is very apt for human nature.

I am no exception and I dream to go back into the days of innocence, the childhood days free from any bindings and pamper myself with the things that I didn’t enjoy at that very moment. From early days of my kindergarten days, I had a passion for fine arts and I loved to pursue them whole heartily but my family didn’t approve of it. Three -Four decades before, people disapproved of the idea to become a singer, dancer, painter, and actor. To pursue in the arena of fine arts was a Big No, No among the educated families. It was thought that these hobbies were pursued by the people who were not good in the field of education.
I was good at studies, but secretly I desired to pursue my interests of singing and musical instruments but I was rightly denied the chance of learning the same, even though my teacher was ready to give me lessons free of cost sensing my interest in the field & my voice could contribute in the field of music. I was perturbed but didn’t have the courage to go against the wish of the family so it was nipped in the bud. I continued my singing & I sang really well but could not get recognized in this field. 
In our times, even we did not have the platform that the kids of today have, I am thankful to the world of technology which have brought in many platforms for the seekers of fine arts and now they are getting wonderful chances to explore themselves and in addition, the mindset of society and it’s people have changed and now they try to identify the interest of the kids and accordingly train them in their respective field & help them to explore in full form. 
Even I go back into the times that have passed; I won’t be able to make it because I’m not the same anymore.The voice quality has undergone immense changes and I am no more fit for the voice test due to operation of tonsils which had a direct impact on my voice though I sing to myself, I cannot sing on high chords now, the setback I suffered. The removal was a must due to incessant infections that I faced more often and the remedy was to get rid of it, no remedies worked & I was well aware of the consequences before the procedure.
So, Instead of eloping into the past, I believe that I am looking forward to an appropriate time wherein I can invest my whole time on my interests and hobbies which I wasn’t lucky to proceed in my early days.  I am quite optimistic towards life in spite of facing so many setbacks on health ground, I’ve lost my sweet voice but still my hands can play instruments and I am keen to learn keyboard, so that music is with me in any form & maybe by the grace of God, I may be bestowed again with the voice to continue my singing.
I was good at weaving stories but due to time constraint, I couldn’t pursue it after marriage. Now after fulfilling all my responsibilities wherein my physical involvement has decreased (though responsibilities never cease, they multiply with time),I’ve started work on it & look forward to get my work published, it’s my unrealized dream that I need to conquer.
I fully believe in the adage, “JAB JAGO TAB SAVERA”, so it’s never too late if the desire STRONGLY persists in oneself and you keep the Wick of the Flame Burning.

“MY DESIRE TO FULFILL MY UNREALIZED DREAMS IS BURNING” & I believe it will help me to realize my dreams which have been buried within me due to constraints of Right Time.

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