Michael was missing from his house for a week. His wife and kids and grandkids were perplexed. All searched for him in neighbors, at his friends and relative, but nowhere he was found neither anyone had spotted him. The matter was reported to Police and handed over to a private detective agency too.

The matter was of real concern because he was suffering from Alzheimer.
His wife Martha poor old lady was herself bedridden n helpless; prayed to Jesus for his husband’s safety and her belief consoled her. All the kids of the house searched for him at every nook and corner of and around the city, but all efforts were in vain.

The youngest grandkid of Michael, Allen had captured Michael’s snap in his mobile the day he went missing. The photograph was required by the departments to locate him. When his mobile was checked to retrieve the snap, they found the snap was there, but only Michael’s half body was captured, which showed that he was wearing brown gloves and held a book, titled “The Catcher In The Rye” in his right hand and was in purple trousers.
Michael was an avid reader and had a large collection of books of all genres & he always carried a book in his hand and the only thing he could do by himself; he would read the books. Doctors insist on pursuing his hobby which was beneficial for him and Alzheimer could be in check with this habit of reading.
The detective agency & the police took out posters of Michael and pasted around the city with a reward of $5,000, posted on social sites and aired on all channels to spot him at the earliest. Everybody at home knew that because of the disease, the frame of his mind was not stable & he could not manage alone.

Day n night, Martha prayed for Michael’s welfare and she believed that he will be back. Her belief kept her firm and strong.


William was going to Church for Mass. At the entrance of the Church, he found an old man sitting in a corner. He introspects him closely, he identified him. He was the same as he had seen on the posters around, with the book in his hand and purple trousers. His hairs were disheveled, the worn clothes were dirty and he was in delirium.

William tried to speak to him or ask him, but man could not utter a word, gave him a blank look. He went to the nearby public booth and called the numbers provided with the missing man advertisement and informed them the whereabouts of Michael with the address and confirmed them that he was with Michael till the family of Michael reaches the Church.

The Church was on the outskirts of the city. The family of Michael reached the spot in an hour’s time. Till then the chap who was a blessing in disguise for Michael waited there.

Sons of Michael hugged Michael and asked him how he reached this place. He was silent; he didn’t say a single word. A lone tear trickled on his cheek and all got emotional seeing him in pity.
They thanked William profusely for the help and tried to give the announced reward money. William declined the offer and told them not to belittle his small actions towards humanity.

Seeing Michael back at home, Martha could not hold back her tears which she had withheld since his husband disappeared and believed that her sincere prayers were answered By Jesus.

The arrival of Michael was celebrated with great pomp and show. Michael did not respond much to the celebrations but gave a soft peck on the cheek of each family members.

Smiles on the faces of family members were back after a hectic week which passed in the search of Michael & they all were at ease.

 © Ila Varma 2015

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