The bone wracking pain I underwent vanished when my eyes fell on this cute baby blinking at me, really he was so cute, small eyes, nose, and small red lips pouted, I fell in love with him at first sight, what a beauty.
I could not take my eyes off. I felt relaxed n rejuvenated. I forgot all the pain that I  just underwent. A wonderful gift of my life which made me forgot all the sour n bitter moments. Cuddled in soft pink fur towel, he was laid beside me. I wanted to caress him, feel his soft supple skin. He was a bundle of joy which had brought immense happiness in my life. 
I wanted to share my joy with Tony, my beloved husband. I asked the nurse to call him inside. Tony grabbed me & the newborn in his arms, tears of joy trickled down his cheeks, kissing me & the baby all over. It was one of the best moments of my life.
“I know you have gone thru a lot of pain, but I feel it’s worth it, Sandra” Tony whispered.
“Tony, no gain without pain n this cute life has filled my life with happiness till brim, I am very happy dear.”
We both giggled & this cute baby too smiled with us.
We named this baby boy; Sid &celebrated his birth with full pomp n show inviting our friends and families. We all rejoiced at his birth.
Our childhood days had revived with Sid, singing nursery rhymes to put him to sleep. I wanted to devote full time to my boy so I resigned from my job taking up full responsibility of been a full-time mother. 
In the beginning, Tony was a bit reluctant but when he found that with Sid, I had become more active, playful n happy then he appreciated my choice to stay at home.
“Sandra, you‘re totally a new persona after the birth of Sid” Tony said.
“Yes, my darling, now I’m a mother …so naturally new person with new responsibility” Sandra said.
I was totally engrossed in my baby Sid growing, babbling the first word “Mom” hearing I felt my life worth. There were moments of surprise to relinquish each of it lifelong. 
The small baby steps that he first took, the first word that he spoke clearly, the first morsel that I fed, all the first moments were captured in my camcorder and camera captivating all the beautiful things of life with Sid.
After work, Tony would watch all the activities of Sid which energized him relieving him from the stress.
As Sid grew, I was more attentive so that he doesn’t tumble n hurt him. All day long, he would explore the things n tried all mischief. I enjoyed his day-long activities, he kept me on toes still I never felt tired rather I felt lively.
With time, he grew curious and would ask series of queries and I had to be ready with the answers…I thoroughly enjoyed his company n never yearned for anything else. 
The complete motherhood was satisfying and it kept me happy, full of life.
Time passed n now Sid was a grown up boy of 18 years ready to leave my nest for further studies. I was happy for my boy, but the feeling of leaving filled me with anxiety n left me emotional. 
I wasn’t aware how time flew with Sid enjoying each bit of it.
There was mixed feeling, a feeling of joy that my boy was moving to achieve his aim of life, but a feeling of parting ways chilled my heart, but there was no choice before me rather than accepting the fact that I had to give Sid a space to explore the things for himself. 

Tony & I planned his itinerary & bid him goodbye with a smile on the lips, but the heart grieved for him. I had to be strong to see him flourishing in his life and I did.

This black n white snap of my baby Sid in my album revived the old days spent with him leaving me rejuvenated, full of life. Closing the album, I sat beside Tony cuddling him in my arms showering kisses all over, now it was his turn to be taken care of.


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