Often I Wonder
Sometimes I Ponder                                               
Why We Chase Life 
Which is Evanescent?

We Never Know
Today or Tomorrow 
Will be Mine.
We Woo 
Time, Money, People
What we call Mine
Is Truly Not Ours.

Descended from Mother’s Womb
Empty handed
Destined to Depart Empty.
Struggling to be the Owners
We are the Tenants for A Time.

An Unknown Call Will Dawn on Us
On A Date Unknown 
The Body Will Stop Breathing
Our Souls Will Fly. 

None Will Own This Body
Once The Soul Elopes.

Pulling Your Body
Down The Earth

Reduce To Ashes..

Why We Don’t Enrich Our Souls
Which Will be There With Us Till Eternity
Instead of 
Enriching our Skins,
With Artificial Enamors, Grinding & Polishing.                                                                                             
© Ila Varma 11/09/2015        


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