Life is full of twists and turn and each day is a new day. I believe that each minute of life is different from the passed one that just passed. Hope everyone agrees what I mean to say. We run from changes in life, but change is inevitable though it is so miniscule that many times it goes unnoticed. But if we sit to gaze in our lives then we will find out that no two moments are alike, life is a process which goes continuous change, So, it is said “Change is the law of nature”
We are born with a clean slate of mind & blank and with the experiences that we gather in the journey of life gets embossed into our minds and gradually our pattern of life is governed by them or we act according to our experiences & unconsciously we start following some dictums to control the reins of life.
Whatever we learn in life is by trial n error, life is not a lesson to be mugged up nor is it easy to learn in a single day. It takes a lot of time, patience & perseverance. Just watch minute things of life. When we are born, we don’t know the simple things (now I say simple because I am well acquainted with it) to move, to eat, to speak and we all learn with the virtues of patience and concern of our loved ones who helps us out.
There are several inspirations that help us out in life at every corner of life, so I believe one quote isn’t sufficient in the walks of life.
There are few of them which inspire ME to proceed in LIFE and cross the turbulence jubilantly and acts as shock absorbers.
This is the absolute mantra which keeps me going in each and every circumstance. I never give up trying, how challenging or tormenting the situation is rather I give a challenge to my life with a belief that I won’t give up and readily face the adversities of life.
There have been situations in my life when I couldn’t stand on my feet, I couldn’t gulp down by food and movement was totally restricted. Totally Helpless. The onlookers were terrified at my condition, but I withstood all the challenges and emerged as a WINNER with my belief.
I’m not been narcissist or atheist but if I had submitted myself to the fate then I wouldn’t have come out of that pitiable phase so by mantra of life helped me to come out of it mentally unscathed & in a way it helped my family too because my welfare was very much connected with them.
This mantra too keeps us going. Learning starts from the day our life starts and the first teacher of our life is “Mother” and slowly we wean away from her lap and join schools with a method based education system universal to all. After boards, choices are there to start as per our interest in the subject & accordingly we plan our future. Few are quite certain of their interest and focus and they pursue accordingly. But there are people who do not achieve the things as per their choices or the situations is not favorable but if the minds are open to the approach that there is no age bar to learning, then one can pursue their dreams.
Due to health issues and other issues, I wasn’t able to pursue my studies as per my choice but I didn’t have mental blockage so I learnt the things of my choice later in life and proved to people that if one is keen to start something new then age is not the factor to stop you, just you need to be FOCUSSED.
Whatever be the circumstances Keep Smiling, this melts the hardships of life and keeps us peaceful and happy and the people around you are happy too. Even you make a lot of friends with this attitude because Smile is infectious and the most priceless possession yet very precious. Smiles are like boomerangs you give to others and it eventually comes back to you, it is a reflection of life and it adorns the face naturally and the colors of happiness radiates glow in our face and people search for your faces.
These are the few inspirations which has kept me moving against all inns and outs of life and had helped me immensely in crossing four decades of life with a peaceful mind and grin on my face which keeps me going.
I just pray to God to keep me as I am, that’s the most I ask for.
© Ila Varma 2015
This is written for the post Indispire ,Edition 83


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