When I was near about two n half a years old, my father brought her home in an office bag while returning from tour. Very cute with brown fur coat n its eyes twinkled. I was very much attracted to her and my days were busy with this new guest who soon was a part of my family. I was myself a toddler, but I took great care of Kitty aided by my granny. When I tread into the memory lane of yesteryears; I am myself surprised as how I cared so much for the pet at the age when I needed the utmost care. I feel that if one loves or find pleasure in doing then the person goes out of way to do it, so it’s all about the feeling of love or attachment.
I used to cuddle in my short arms; it was more a bundle of joy for me. My granny used to oil my younger sister who was just born and I imitated the act and oiled Kitty. The kitty was so meek; she cooperated well with me and never bit me. Gradually, it was a full grown doggie and the best guard of our home, mingled well with the other members too.
In evenings, I used to play ball with her in my big sprawling campus in acres and she used to bring the ball back catching between her teeth and kept near my feet. I was bowled over by this act and my love for her strengthened with the passage of time.
She was well trained by my father and never ever poop here and there nor ever went inside the kitchen because my granny n Mom was against the idea of animals roaming inside or near the kitchen. I believe she had read their thoughts; never tried to go near the kitchen or their bed. Kitty had her own cushion and she relaxed on her own bed.
The most noticeable thing in her was the sound of barking differed for the visitors or family members and for strangers, animals or snakes barging inside our campus. The pitch of her bark would let us know on whom she was barking at.
Dogs are very sensitive and faithful to their masters, it’s true, but I found Kitty more amicable than the rest dogs. Few activities of her were quite remarkable.
In evening generally I along with My Pa or granny used to take her for stroll but if for any reason none could accompany she went straight into the fields to relieve herself and would knock on the door with her tail till the door opened.
When I came back from school, she would jump on me, licking my hands n face, running after me and she appeared to be full of joy. I could sense her happiness and see a smile on her face… (The people who don’t keep pets won’t believe that even the pets smile but they do and the pet lovers can sense it). Even I too had the urge to see her first after returning from school. Her small acts multiplied my love for her n I was filled with gratitude.
Kitty grew up along with us, me and my younger sister; even she was fond of kitty but not as crazy as I was for her.
Kitty was a pure vegetarian dog and her staple food was milk and bread but her diet was consistent which amused me and I sued to tease her that she was more concerned about the figure so she took fixed diet.
The funniest thing that I found in Kitty that she never befriended dogs of neighbors or stranger dogs and so I took pride among my friend’s group that my doggie was well-behaved and had a good character rappo. This remark amused my friends and they used to laugh out loud that Kitty was of good character & now too, I agree that we never ever found her near other dogs throughout her life; it was really a remarkable thing. At that time, I didn’t understand that all has inkling for the opposite sex be it human or animal but Kitty was a saint in this respect, I say now after losing her and understanding the worldly facts which I was ignorant of when Kitty was with me, I too was in my early teens.
Gradually, she became old (The expected life of dogs are 12 to 13 years) and weak but yet obedient. My father bought one more Dog, cross Alsatian, named Beauty, as he understood that Kitty was nearing death. She lost her hearing power and even eyesight was weak so she had to be dearly taken care of. Kitty went into distress seeing the newcomer in the house and she started ignoring our orders or requests and even did not eat the meals properly.
I sensed the jealousy factor has crept in and I tried my best to woo her. The newcomer Beauty was too cute but naughty and sometimes would jump and play on Kitty’s body. She had started losing strength in her limbs, so she would scorn ruefully at Beauty’s tantrums but did not harm her.
As far as I can recall, throughout her life, she never bit or hurt anyone, she was exceptional in her breed.
I cannot forget the day she departed from the world ending her sufferings and leaving us forever. In the morning, I gave food to the doggies, Kitty and Beauty in their bowls as per their tastes.  Kitty didn’t step near the food and I couldn’t understand her illness. I wanted her to eat properly and gain strength I coaxed her (that was my love for her which she didn’t seem to understand in distress) to eat the food. Maybe, Kitty was not feeling well so she didn’t have food and hurt by my words she went out of our house gate and sat there. I tried my level best to bring her inside, but she didn’t move a bit from her place, my all pleadings went unheeded. That was the first time in her life that she was behaving rudely. I came inside the house to get ready for school. When I went near the gate, I found Kitty fallen on the ground. I sensed that she had breathed her last and I started howling in grief. The elders of my family gathered and confirmed that kitty had breathed her last. I was devastated at her death because, since my early childhood, she was there with me.
It moved me from within and I took months to recoup from the separation but the memories of my pet Kitty is etched in my mind and the incidence that preceded before her farewell from this world stuns me now too and I feel that she was hurt because of her predecessor Beauty, the cross Alsatian.
Whole life, she enjoyed a whole and sole attention of all family members and she couldn’t digest the welcome of a new member.
What I have gathered from my experiences in rearing dogs, they are the best companion of man, remains faithful to the master and can even lay down their life for the security of their master and very gentle. The sparkle in their eyes are the love for their owners and the pet lovers can only feel this connection, others who don’t have/ had a pet can never understand.
Losing Kitty was a setback for me; though she parted after living for whole life span nearly twelve years but the pain of parting was miserable I felt the most because I was very much attached. At that time, I felt as if I had a lost a part of me and with time the gap filled up. It’s difficult to detach with the attachments.

In memory of my Pet Kitty!

© Ila Varma 2015

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