With the rise in cases of suicides, One BIG question haunts my mind.
       Do We Have The Right To End Our Life ???

Is it justified to end our precious life for the sake of eve teasers, harassers or for the people who are unworthy to be loved or who ditch us in love? 

If someone ditches you in mid of relationships then thank God, he / she wasn’t worthy of it or it’s better that they have walked from your life else they would have added more miseries to your precious life n jeopardized further.

Look around yourselves before taking any drastic decision, there are many of them who rely on you especially your parents who have brought you into this wonderful world with lots of hopes pinned on you. Will they be able to tolerate the pain of losing you? Keep yourself in their shoes and then just think of the pain that they will have to bear just because of you without any fault of theirs. 

Confide in them and share the pain that you are going through, they may render some help from their experiences & help you to come out of it. 
If you are married and parents of wonderful kids think about the plight of them whom you have brought into this world to share your joys doubling & tripling it. Why punishing the innocents who have yet not seen the dawn of life? Will they ever forgive you for your misdeeds? 

Instead engross yourself with the buddies of life n seek pleasure in your life. Their small warm gestures of life will fill you with happiness n warmth helping you to forget the bitterness. JUST GIVE A TRY & SEE THE RESULT FOR YOURSELF.
Look for your friends & well-wishers, share the pain with them, they will readily help you to get out of it. Give time to your friends & enjoy space & soon you will forget the sour moments & it will get replenished with wonderful thoughts.

Just for few or one why we will end this precious life?

Actually we are overpowered with grief n we let ourselves to get drowned in the ocean of sadness & tend to harm our self. Our thoughts are BIASED n CONCENTRATED on one who tried to ruin our life.

Still if your near & dear ones have inflicted pain on you still don’t think of ending your life, it’s a cowardly act. 
Instead stand up for yourself & retaliate against the doers & let them know that you can stand on your own & lead your life in a better way without those people who have tried to harm you in any way.
Life is a precious gift of god to live, to enjoy the beauties of nature around. The sunrise, the sunset, blooming of flowers in our garden, chirping of birds on our window sills wallowing of pets n kids around. This world is beautiful n you get a single chance to enjoy.  Enjoy it in a true sense. It’s true that there is the importance of relationships in life n it adds spice to life, but none other than God has right to take our life.
Whenever you feel low, just recall a few important people of life with whom you gel well instead of thinking of that evil who has hurt you in any way.

The best way to hurt the people who have hurt you is to see you smiling n living your life in peace.

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