Each of us want to tread on the path which takes us near to our dream but practically very few are the lucky stars who achieve what they dream or what they are passionate about. As soon as we begin to understand the things in life, we start chasing dreams, it’s not always associated with studies, and it can be something other than the studies. Normally passion takes birth from the things or activities in which we indulge with willingness, we are satisfied to do n never give up on the pretext that I can’t do anymore , striving for much better and we chase it till excellence. It’s the passion that keeps us in move
As per my experience, generally parents, well-wishers or teachers cooperate with if it’s related to studies but if it is out of curriculum then all give a second thought  uncertainty prevails in one’s mind & frankly speaking people shy away from improbabilities n don’t want to take risk. In spite of knowing that the people who have or has achieved heights are not the people from the main stream, they are the ones who stood against the crowd n struggled a lot to achieve it finally. Gaze around the globe n you will find that the achievers till date were the exceptions n they followed their mind without thinking of the risks involved, consequences and finally they conquered. The whole affair wasn’t an easy process as it sounds after conquering and if they would have move out believing in negativity then they would have never tasted Success. Simultaneously, there were people who failed too while following their dreams. Its true people fail too but if all sit back in fear for failures & don’t leap then how can one conquer & relish the taste of achievement
Look back it the times when we were born, we knew nothing, absolute zero and we learnt all the chapters gradually with time. We got hurt several times in attempts to stand, move, run or we learnt to adapt the things in the hard way but no one discouraged us rather encouraged to do more to be perfect.
Same thing stands for pursuing our dream but our near n dear ones out of love don’t wish to see their loved ones stumbling or struggling so they emphasize on the probabilities that are more certain, though the life that we are living is not certain still we weave so many things associated with it & the hope that clings to it keeps us moving.
With time people have changed a bit and try to be amicable with the people who want to follow their dreams and they are cooperating to some extent but still change in the mindset is the need of the hour to see more of them to break the barriers & the people who will follow their innate desire is bound to do best because they don’t easily give up and this attitude helps them to flare up their existence and they come out with their best.
What I feel or believe that Education is a medium to elaborate & explore oneself,  been  the basic thing in life so one has to complete the study but simultaneously follow your dreams and achieve the goals in the avenues that u aspire.
Give Up the Fear Of Losing & Be Positive Always. Success is Bound to Arrive at Your Doorsteps.

(The views expressed are solely mine and spontaneous. If anyone feels the need to be rectified then do get in touch with me. Your views will be regarded.) 

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