The word “Reservation” itself demarcates our social strata, so it can never ever be fair. It has instilled feeling in the masses based on casteism. When I was in my kindergarten days, I used to hear people say that when we will grow up, the caste system would be abolished from the society but what I find today is just the opposite what people thought in the past. This caste feeling has become more rigid than the past times & people have developed ill feelings.

The question is : Why Reservation System Was Introduced?

It was just to uplift the downtrodden or weaker sections of the people & to create equality among the masses. But the consequence is far away. The people of weaker sections have benefited but instead of equality there is a gap been created within the different sects of people. It was introduced to abridge the gap but it has worked reverse.

I agree that there was a time when the backward sections of people were exploited by the upper sections due to illiteracy but the people that are facing the consequences are not at fault. They are just facing the consequences of the deeds of their ancestors.

The concept of reservation was to bridge the gap & not to create a gap. It should be fairly on the economic status of people of society and not on the basis of religion or caste. In spite of providing ample reservation, are the really weak sect of society benefiting, It’s a big “No”

Who are the real beneficiaries ?

The real beneficiaries are those who are economically sound & their kith’s n kin are growing and the one who was weak and ignored are still fighting for their rights.

Reservation should be implemented in a different way, it should be purely on socio-economic level instead of caste level. It will literally benefit the people who are the neglected mass of society and it will sure bridge the gap and it will reap better future for all. It needs to be implemented at grass root level, the economic backward class should be given free education, books, clothes and meals and compulsory education till Plus two level. This way the impact of reservation will be great and far reaching consequences.

Abolition of reservation of seats in Higher Education and Jobs:

When privilege would be provided to the economic weak underprivileged class then there won’t be any need to reserve the seats in Higher Education & Jobs and the ill feeling that has cropped up in society on the basis of General Category, OBC, SC/ST, Minority will stand nowhere in society and there would be amicable understanding among the masses.

Our articles on Reservations needs to be amended in the interests of society. It is more used as a tool by the Politicians to create vote bank and to create a conflict in society.

If we really wish to see smiles on the faces of our students and erase the frowns, time has come for the amendment of the existing policy.

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