In my childhood days, I used to wonder why is it a compulsion to wear specific  dress code for going to school. Why can’t we flaunt in our colorful dresses of our liking ? Sometimes it felt boring to wear the same dress everyday, all of us marched in Red skirts & White Shirts, Red Ribbons, Red been more dominant. the whole campus seemed red. We eagerly waited for the occasions when we were allowed to attend school in our choice of colorful dresses.

We waited badly for the occasions where we could show off the dresses of our choice to our friends, in our times we didn’t had social sites & even using camera was a distant thing for the students. We depended more on group photos which was taken by school photographer & we had to submit a specific amount (as specified by school) to get the photos. In today’s scenario these things are in the reach of all…be it a small kid or a old , just a click & you are open to the world. The impact of technology though it has both sides merits as well as demerits.But in our time, we couldn’t even think of  these peppy ideas.

Now at this juncture of my life, I’m able to understand the importance of uniforms be it school or workplace. In our school days, Uniforms were of schools or of Defense personnel or Police personnel as far as I can recall ( Excuse me or correct me if I’ve left any).

Nowadays many Corporate have adopted the culture of uniforms.  I support it heartily because now I’ve understood it’s value. It reflects that “All Are One” irrespective of difference in caste,class,creed or complexion. All look alike in uniforms that’s the main virtue of Uniforms which I was ignorant of in my school days & would grump over the system. If it would not have been compulsion, then the Rich & the Beautiful would have flaunted in their best giving inferiority complex to the underprivileged. Further the focus would have been more on their getup rather than studies.  Thus a dress code or uniform checks behavior problem & encourages achievement and even identifies strangers inside the school premises.

When all are in same uniforms then all feel or breathe alike, no disparity hence they bind well together. I laugh at my ignorance, how much ignorant I was. I may not be the one but today I took time out to confess.

© Ila Varma 2015

* According to Wilde “focus(es) on promoting modesty and discouraging anti-social fashion statements.”

* School uniforms in England were first introduced on a large scale during the reign of King Henry VIII  (Inputs from Web)

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  1. I am always confused when there is a controversy over dress code in any institution or for an event. Uniform dress signals a certain sense of discipline, and as you have said, a "oneness". In some IT companies, the dress code is "you shoulod be clothed". Nothing wrong with that too. Very often, how one should be dressed depends on the situation.

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Pradeep for affirming my views.In most IT companies they don't follow any dress code, it is just as one should be clothed but due to this I find people not maintaining hygiene or cleanliness, mainly today's Gen

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