Thursday, July 23, 2015

दो कदम तुम भी चलो....Day VIII

दो कदम तुम भी चलो
दो कदम हम भी चलें ।।......

The crush had matured to Love & my heart longed for him.
There were significant changes in my routine, woke up early in the morning and practiced the movements taught by him…trying to be more flexible & graceful in movements…The financial market had worn out my charm, had become more mechanical chunk…the after effect of market fluctuations which bombarded the savings of traders…and to save our skins we off & on bombarded them…grace was nowhere to be seen. It was a distant thing but the love for Ishmeet & the passion for learning Salsa had changed me…It had overpowered me to get the sheen back in my life. He was contented with my efforts & I longed to see myself on the stage performing in my best with my friend.

जिंदगी कहीं गुम है
उसकी ही यादों में
उसका ही मंजर है
मेरे दिन रात में।।

It is said, “All is fair in love n war”, and I don’t know about war but it seemed absolutely true in love. I never knew that I would strive so hard for a person who had walked in my life suddenly…My feelings getting intense with each passing day. He was becoming important in my life…all my decisions n dreams revolved around him…not for a second his thoughts left me. A curvy smile spread on my lips adding  glow to my persona. People say, “In love one glows” n in my case it was true. Really I was glowing.

We met every day for the classes & practiced the sessions religiously putting my best effort. Ishmeet was giving his best & was leaving no stone unturned. He wanted me to learn full-fledged & be a skilled dancer.

The steps of Salsa & the background music brought us more close to each other; we could feel each other’s breath on our face & the way we held each other …the soft caresses of his fingers, the way he held me in his arms or by my waist, it was the demand of the steps but both been young felt an intense pull for each other and the silent ambience of the hall drove us crazy for more close proximity. We shared a special bond which connected us. Silence speaks more than the words. My body had learnt to sway according to the steps but I could not take my eyes off his face. But when our eyes met, I felt my cheeks hot & bit my lips. He too smiled & held me closer in silence.

After classes, he would come along till metro station to see me off. While strolling, we would share the happenings of the day and would advise each other to confront the issues & mocked on our carelessness. Gradually, I demanded more and more of his time; it was the matter of heart, “Yeh Dil Mange More”& “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin”

One thing I never forgot, pulling his nose & watching his expressions…

He remarked, “Still you’re not grown up”

"I don't wish to grow Dear." I giggled

My heart whispered, “I am in love”

To be continued….

© Ila Varma 2015

                                        Pic Courtesy: Google

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