I Vouched You for your Simplicity
Fell for your Cute Smiles
The Unusual Spark of your Eyes
Bound Me with You!!!

Your Voice Mesmerized Me from Within
Your Soft Touch Touched My Soul
My Reckless Heart Accepted U
A Soul Mate & Sincere Friend Within U!!!

The Closeness of Your Breath
Soothed My Soul Within
I Vouched for a Tight Hug
Embracing my Soul!!!

The World seemed Colorful
In Aura of Your Presence
The Love Deepened With Time
Winning My Faith!!!

The Passion Sealed Our Lips
Melting Us To The Core
I Vouched for A Tight Embrace
Embracing my Soul!!!

© Ila Varma 2015
                                                                       Image Source: Google

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