Tuesday, June 30, 2015

दो कदम तुम भी चलो....Day VII

दो कदम तुम भी चलो
दो कदम हम भी चलें ।।.....

Today was the D day, I was joining the dance institute of Ishmeet to learn Salsa & the tutor was my friend for whom I had developed intimacy in a short span of time...It was not love at first sight but crush built up in two three meetings, I was bowled by his approach & care. Only one thing took toll on me that was the age difference between us. Me been elder to him by five years but I consoled myself citing the example of the Cricket master Sachin whose wife is seven years elder to him, Film actor Sunil Dutt- Nargis who had successful relationship & age never stood as a factor and I too desired to keep the relationship spark ignoring the difference.

The song of Jagjit Singh too was in my favor,

I said to myself, "Ishi...this song was written for you."

"ना उम्र की सीमा हो
ना जन्म का हो बंधन
जब प्यार करे कोई  
तो देखे केवल मन।।"

I hummed this & it boosted my confidence to proceed...n I was proceeding with full enthusiasm & vigor.

After office, I started for the dance institute which was a running of 20 minutes from my office by Metro. As I was going to step inside the Metro, I spotted Ishmeet.

"Hey, You here?" I asked

"Yeah, I shouldn't be here." He replied.

He had a habit of questioning rather than answering, a strange habit but I liked it.

"No, I had to meet you at your Institute naa."

"Lady, that's why I'm here to escort you, today is your first day so I thought that I better

catch you at the Metro station...even I had sent you an Sms...I believe you haven't

checked .." He replied with all the explanations. He knew the art of flattery which I lacked.

I was sailing on cloud nine...I was getting the attention from my friend who was dear to me & with time, I was getting closer to him & hopes were pinned on him...feeling lucky to have got a chance to indulge in my hobby which seemed distant in this life but Ishmeet was a blessing in disguise. I felt very happy & blessed.

We reached his Institute by 6:15 pm....He showed me his Institute. It appeared high profile Institute well equipped with modern accessories & the ambience stole my heart...but except for the guard none was found within the Institute. I was told that the official time of the Institute was from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm & was been given special attention because of my interest on account of been working woman.

My heart quipped, All could I say, "Thanks a lot, Ishmeet...it's my honor to be your privileged

student ...I will try to prove worthy of it!"

Soon we were in Dance room ...only we two...my heart missed a beat but I had faith in him. I was

given outfit to change for the classes...I felt a bit awkward in facing him in my new outfit...T-Shirt &

typical leggings....loose around the waist and tight near the ankles...even I wasn't in a practice to

wear such outfit but to learn something new. I had to...there was no way out...both were in same type

outfit...only the colors were different. He judged my reluctance & tried his best to comfort me.

He first showed me the steps...his movements were awesome...I was bowled over by his movements...delicate & flexible. Classy touch...asked me to take over but it wasn't easy for me b'coz I had never practiced...just danced to the tunes mostly in solitude ...just I had a passion for it.

He was very professional within the premises & coaxed me up to the maximum to give in my best...pestering me to practice each steps for a minimum of ten to twenty times to make my body flexible to each movements...been in finances...my body too had become rough & tough...now it needed to act delicate to each small movements with grace...I was sure that I would learn though I may take a bit longer than his other students which I declared myself so that he doesn't lose his patience.

"Hey...don't feel low...I may take more time of yours to learn than your other students...I'm a quick learner but my body may take longer to get used to the movements..." I told him.

"Okay Okay...Did I say something...Take your time...I'm here to teach you...Let me try Ishi...just

respond the way I ask you to. Let me take up the challenge..just bring in the grace in your movements.” He replied with a wide smile on his

face...his smiling face added glow to my life.

I didn't utter a word just tried to respond to his movements & during practice there were several

moments when we were very close to each other & could feel the warmth of our breath. I checked

myself...I wasn't sure how he felt...at times I felt weak...for him it might be like normal classes...but

for me each moment was special...I never been so close to anyone in these years.

How one hour passed...I couldn't make out...Ishmeet declared, “Classes are over for now...I'm

amazed by your efforts...you will outperform soon...I insist you to practice more in your free hours to

master the art...It is an art & all depends on the effort...hope you will not let me down."

I just watched him, my eyes on him...I didn't say anything but my naughty self-caught hold of his 

nose & pulled it leaving him bewildered.

"Hey, are  you crazy" He said.

"Yes, I’m  ..." ran to washroom to change & he stood still.

To be continued.....

© By Ila Varma

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