दो कदम तुम
भी चलो
दो कदम हम
भी चलें ।।……

I,a carefree girl never bothered about looks was suddenly
overpowered & conscious of her looks & hairdo…It was the after effect
of new friend, Ishmeet which had taken entry into my life abruptly & it
wasn’t clear what we felt about each other (never discussed) but a feeling was
overpowering me & a clear change I found in myself. Most of the time I was
engrossed in his thoughts & an unknown happiness gushed within me keeping
my adrenaline shoot up….Life seemed pretty & I was in love with the
colorful hues of life….Extra zing added in my life with the addition of
Ishmeet in my life.

Music flowed in my blood stream & the emotional numbers
left me been more romantic & I felt soaring at new heights & in my
little lovely world, I could only see my friend , Ishmeet who was even part of
my name, Ishi…my four lettered name in which his presence was there too, he
held three words of my name…it was coincidence & it had to collide with
me only…even our hobbies were the same…just the difference was that he was
pursuing his dreams & I was pursuing a career of financial freak where
numbers were more important & no existence of emotions in financial
world,…leaving my hobby behind…now I felt he has come into my life to help
me to fulfill my dream though I wasn’t sure what length I could achieve…too
early to conclude but a ray of hope emerged & this hope gives people a new

Today was Sunday but different from past Sundays when I
lazed around carelessly…I was on my toes today…decorating my place
beautifully & taking care of my skin and looks & dressed in a smart
outfit which boosted my confidence…. every now & then checking my
mobile…secretly I was expecting a call or SMS ….even while surfing online,
my attention was focused on Hangout inbox.

“Hey, what’s going on Ishi ” a message popped up
from the corner. It was Ishmeet online

“Hi Ishmeet…enjoying Sunday Dear”

“Me too…R u ready for the classes tomorrow”

“Yup…any doubts :)”

“No, no doubts but bit nervy…the reasons

“Why so…Am I bothering you…I won’t trouble you,

“Ohh  …I was
just kidding to check on you….be cool…just practice few steps of warming up
so that you are warmed up for the classes…got my point.”

I understood the senses of warming up but I wasn’t in my
senses since I met Ishmeet & the word warm up sent goose bumps within me. I hit myself to keep myself in my senses….the case was of crush though it
wasn’t first one, the first crush I have for is for My Idol Superstar Amitabh
Bachchan whom I watch with an Awww… expression & a sweet smile spread on my
lips & crush for a person close to me was for Ishmeet….in whose memories
I was drowned for most of the time of the day.

I literally enjoyed his company though I haven’t expressed
believing that he must have come to know reading my attitude & I felt he
too had feelings which drew him to me…strings of faith. My feelings for him
was growing skin deep & mere thought of joining his classes had left me
spellbound & I was been spoiled.

To be continued….

© By Ila Varma

                                                                Image Source: Google

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