Saturday, June 6, 2015

दो कदम तुम भी चलो....Day V

   दो कदम तुम भी चलो
  दो कदम हम भी चलें ।।......

"Hi Ishi.You are looking awesome" his remarks made me blush, I could feel my cheeks hot and turning to crimson & an unknown happiness gripped me. I felt quite at ease with Ishmeet; though I took time to mingle, but this time it was just the opposite may be I was destined to meet him in such manner.

"You are looking dashing too, Ishmeet!" I exclaimed.

"I am always dashing!" he remarked sarcastically.

"Hmm..." I could comment but thought better not to leaving him to enjoy the triumph.

A lot was exchanged about our background, family & of our life till we met, over a cup of coffee. One fact that emerged was remarkable age difference between us. I was near to five years elder to him, a remarkable our society acceptable choice of relationship is boy been elder to girl. It was a matter of flutter for me though Ishmeet was cool. The guys are indifferent from us, God knows what they think but they don't go wary like us, it was my presumption.

This was our first meeting, a planned one, so I didn't had any desire to spoil the sport so keeping this worry aside, we shared lot of tit-bits & enjoying the sent butterflies in my stomach. It was a moment to be cherished.

At 7pm, we parted our ways, it was a nice long meeting & the heart wanted more and more..."Dil Mange More...”

The meet was a refreshing one and in my life, one chapter of fondness & crush had been added instantly & unknowingly, I could feel the changes within. Life seemed to be more colorful than before & onlookers could well take note of it.

 At night, we hung up on the Google Talk…it was a start off of an unknown relationship certain that something was brewing between us, found his association comforting, longed for his calls or Sms…

“Hi Ishi...what’s up” Ishmeet message flashed in hangout.

“Nothing as such, reached safely...” I wrote

“Are u sure Nothing…………. ;) ”

“Yup…Y.. :)

“Aren’t u thinking of me..;) “ message popped up from Ishmeet.

I took time to respond this time just to see his reaction.

“Just Kidding..” popped up again

“Me too..”  I typed

After leg pulling & kidding, I told him that I was keen to join his institute for learning Salsa.

“Hey, I am keen to learn Salsa, are you going to teach me?” I typed

“Why not…certainly, you are most welcome but directly you can’t learn Salsa, you have to learn the basics too.” He wrote.

“I don’t know what I have to learn but you are only going to teach me and nobody else.” I typed bluntly; unlike my nature who thinks twice before asking for something but with Ishmeet, I was informal, no inhibitions.

“Yes Madame, I’m at your service. Let me know when you are intending to join.” Message flashed .

I called on his no.& discussed in detail. Finally, it was concluded that he would be giving special classes after my office hours & I would be paying his fees as per his institute regulations. We were so engrossed in ourselves that we didn’t realize the time. Suddenly, I checked the time, it was 11 pm. We bid goodbye & hung up the line.

There were several missed calls of my Mom. I contacted Mom and told her about my new venture to join Salsa classes.

After changing into informal, chasing sweet thoughts of my new found friend whom I found close to my heart, I glided into the world of sweet dreams.

To be continued.... 
© By Ila Varma

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