She was quite fit & active, full of life & nobody
could ever dream that one day she will leave this world inflicted with the
deadly disease Cancer. The day one is declared to be inflicted with this “C
“one loses half of one’s life & even the near & dear lose hope…It
happened all of a sudden -. She was not feeling well & visited a neighborhood
doctor doubting gastro troubles. The doctor suggested few tests &
ultrasound of the whole abdomen. The tests revealed water retention in abdomen
& the biopsy of the same confirmed malignancy. She was rushed to Vellore
for further investigations & we all family members prayed for her welfare.
Series of investigations confirmed that she was suffering from malignancy of
uterus & doctors advised for an operation to get rid out of it &
thereafter chemotherapy. The doctors made her aware of the after effects of
chemo & operation was successful. She had to undergo series of chemo to
control the infections & she responded to the treatment, which gave her a
ray of hope & we all were positive believing the doomsday is over & our
prayers have been heard.
She was in her early forties with two kids who were in their
primary stage of life & they needed the utmost care of their Mom, but God
had some other plan for her. The recovery was short-lived and it relapsed again
& flared up posing health hazards problems. Weakness gripped her &
painful chemotherapy sessions seemed difficult for her.

She deliberately tried to space out from the kids because
she knew that she won’t live long & at times she tried to be rude to them
so that they don’t go near her & may be she thought they wouldn’t miss when
she won’t be around. She was my elder sis-in-law & been a Mother I could well
understand her feelings, but with this ailment, She was still bold. Her old
parents were staying with her to take care of all. It was not so easy for them
too…but they were helpless…all could just hope for a miracle.
In six months’ time, she had to undergo numerous chemos, the
after effects were horrible. She had lost her appetite & elixir to live.
She wished to get rid of it and on 21st Dec.2002, she requested her
better half to stop the chemo sessions as she was not in a position to
withstand & relieve her from the unbearable pain once for all.
We all family members had reached as her condition was
deteriorating. She was admitted in hospital & she had shrinked to a mass of
flesh…I couldn’t hold my eyes on her…once a beauty with terrific personality
& this deadly disease had snatched away her beauty, she was writhing in pain
an unbearable sight. At late night, her condition worsens & the doctors
attending declared that she had reached a point of no return. All had gathered
around her, the concern was more of her old parents….what would be their
reaction …how will they accept this trauma…at late night, she breathed her last….on
unfortunate date 22nd Dec.2002. She couldn’t hold any longer…she was
relieved of the untiring misery which had taken each bit of her energy in a
span of one & half year. The old parents were dumb & they withstood the
tragedy…when God gives pain, he gives tolerance too to endure. The kids were
dumb & the most heart rending scene was when she was carried away in
sheet…the kids couldn’t bear the site and couldn’t hold them any further &
they broke down. I too was dumb…no words…no expressions…. & couldn’t
believe it but it was a fact. She left for heavenly abode…she was freed from
the sufferings but she left the kids & her hubby when she was needed the
most. Sometimes God ways are questionable, may be that was the destiny…&
she was destined to leave. Time doesn’t waits for anyone, now the kids are
grown up individuals & her hubby is holding top most rank in bank but still
her place is void in their house…all the comforts are there but she is not
there to enjoy…still she is missed !!

PS: In memory of my sis-in-law
© Ila Varma 2015

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