She instilled lot of faith in him. 

Without thinking over, “Did he deserve so much faith as much she entrusted, ” 

Her Day started with his Thoughts & Night Passed in his Dream.

The Thoughts of “With Him Enveloped her with Immense Joy ” & kept her hearty & 

hale…A cute smile pursing on her lips.

They met frequently & she loved his company bcoz she had developed a soft corner for 

him & the lest she desired that he may be there in her reach. 

One fine day he left her with a well dressed lie very far away from her. She was 

shattered but couldn’t express ….There was no one whom she could confide….She was 

very lonely & only one question haunted her,

“Did he deserve so much faith as much she entrusted,??????????”

                                                                                                                      Source: Favim
© By Ila Varma

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