Death is inevitable but still all fear in spite of knowing the fact that those who are born are going to perish one day, but we don’t accept easily. Life is fraught with challenges best or worse and it tests us to the core,still we love life. The chain of woven relations make us weak to face the fact of life and we try to escape from death.

It will be wonderful, as I believe, if I get a chance to plan my death & my plan works as per my  choice then certainly I will welcome death with open arms & hug happily ever after.
I was married off at an early age & so my life sped fast forward than my other friends. I am in mid forties but most of my responsibilities are over as a Wife, Woman, Lady of the house and as a Mother. By God’s grace, I have secured a roof over my head of course with the kind support of my husband who stood by me in shouldering my responsibilities. My both children are settled in life on professional front and my burning desire is that as soon as I am relieved of the responsibilities, the basic one is left to get the two married than I happily choose death. It is not that I have no desire to live or I want to escape from life but wish to go for peaceful slumber with no hassles.

I wish to go for peaceful slumber after my parents life, it is very difficult for the parents to lose part of themselves in front of their eyes & my inner wish to welcome my daughter-in-laws & see both of them settled. Wishes are unending but in my life the priorities are only two & would consider myself lucky if I get the opportunity to choose after I complete these two. My desires are limited so I believe God will be gracious to bless me with his love & will send his messenger to  welcome me in his kingdom to lead a Life after Death in peace.

© Ila Varma 2015

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PS : Written for Indispire If you could plan your death, how would you plan it?#PlanUrDeath


  • I shall assure you that there is no reason for you to think that major part of your life is over. You mentioned your kids and their wedding. The next part would be your grandchildren.
    You will have a good life for sure! Keep writing

    • Yes, Haritha , I agree with you but if I had to plan then I will make choice after I get my son's hitched, b'coz wishes are unending…and I leave a bindaas need to worry …Thanks for your comment.

  • Departure from this world, is one thought most people have at some point in time. We all dread pain and hardship, for ourselves others, at that point. We all seek, if at there is a choice, a peaceful departure. But this is one aspect of our lives that clearly is not in anyone's control. So, it's difficult, if at all anyone can plan it.

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