दो कदम तुम भी चलो

दो कदम हम भी चलें ।।……
In just two unplanned meetings, we couldn’t
judge each other’s feelings but there was a charm in his demeanor which had
caught my attention & I eagerly waited for him. Why, l didn’t know…
I had noted down his number & wished to
talk but something was stopping me from taking the initiative. Ishmeet didn’t have
my number so he couldn’t reach me & I had the no.but certain inhibitions
were not letting me to step forward…but I had to take the way out. After much
brooding, an idea struck me.

I text ed my no.& soon my mobile rang displaying his number…my heart
beats raced faster & felt goose bumps all over.

“Hello…hi Ishi. How are you dear?”…he said
“Fine & you…” I replied
“Took long to give a call, seem busy. I
was desperately waiting for your call. I shared my no. but you didn’t …you
take time…u believes in EMI’S…what u say…” He laughed.
was it sarcasm or mocking or just a
tease…tough to make out but the words which he addressed was taken in note by
me, “dear and desperate”

“Is he really interested in me.”…this haunted me but was very early
to conclude & I was in no mood to hurry…better to wait. But this mind or
conscience says but the matter of heart is different…it is not decisive or
logical…doesn’t know to reason…just knows to beat making you
impatient…&basket of expectations….inflating…keeping you on
toes…only knows to take chances…the best part of losing your heart is it
keeps you happy to the core and adds glow to your persona which is not missed
by onlookers….so this is the first step of love…deep crush which crushes
your soul emitting fragrance of sweet puppy love.

“Hmmm…You can say so…b’coz I acted the way
but Ishmeet…first time it was intentional but I missed it in second chance
when we met by chance…” I replied softly unlike my persona who is a
dominant self but this leap was taken by heart.
“Can we meet” He asked 
“We have already met” I said
mockingly…now it was my chance.
“We met accidentally but now I want to
meet you…planned one…or can I put it this way…are you coming with me on a
date…I feel that sounds better” He said in a calm tone.
I wished but I wished to keep him
waiting…testing him…we girls love to keep the boys waiting…this wasn’t me;
this was my false pride to test his eagerness.
“Ok, I will see” I replied in a cold
He asked me to join on hangout to chat…I feel my cold
response put him off over mobile.
I never liked chatting on Fb or Hangout but my
eagerness drove me. In late evenings, we talked on hangout…and there were
more exchanges…more of leg pulling…kidding…sometimes I felt like a child
has emerged in me…enjoying the moments childishly.
He ran a Dance Institute in Delhi….it was a
prominent one…and he was more conversant in Salsa…and I was interested in
fine arts & I didn’t want to waste this opportunity which had come to me
uninvited & it would be a better way to meet each other to understand…I had
not conveyed to Ishmeet but it was there in back of my mind…engrossed in his
thoughts when I slept I didn’t know but a ring at 6 am disturbed my slumber
To be continued….

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