दो कदम तुम
भी चलो
दो कदम हम
भी चलें ।।……

While returning from office, I tried to search Ishmeet at Metro
station or in Metro but couldn’t locate him. His face was revolving in front of
my eyes. I was feeling sorry to have reciprocated rudely. Normally , I’m very
friendly in my circles be it official or personal but still avoid interactions
with strangers, the stories unveiled by the media of the way men treat girls or
women stops one to interact or trust , though all Men or boys are not like that
but how to differentiate, better tread on safe side.

There was something in Ishmeet which had left me restless,
but it was difficult to find about his whereabouts so I left in the hands of
Almighty & if we are destined to meet then certainly one day we
will…& I consoled myself to be in my senses. After finishing my routine
chores, I started for my office, but not like other days, today, I watched
myself in mirror several times taking care of my dress that I wore & my
hairstyle etc.

As I stepped inside Metro, I saw him seated near the window
seat engrossed in a magazine. My heart raced faster & I wanted to shout out
his name to attract his attention but checked myself else I would have been
center of attraction in public…though we boast of our advancements but still
our society is conservative in respect of relationships of boys &
girls…anyhow, I crossed through the crowd inside & reached the place he
was seated…but I couldn’t muster the courage to greet him or say anything.
Luckily, there was one seat vacant adjacent to him, I managed to get in there
& watched him from the corners of eyes waiting for his initiation but he
didn’t took notice of me, I wasn’t sure whether he has not seen me or
deliberately ignored me. turmoil was unfurling inside me…if today we missed
the opportunity to interact, then I wasn’t sure whether we will meet again or
not…Opportunities comes to avail not to miss.

Metro stopped at Rajiv chowk but I didn’t wish to get down,
I desired to go further & would get down where Ishmeet would…I was
wandering in this thought & found the seat of Ishmeet vacant. He had got
down at Rajiv chowk…frantically I ran & got down from the rear door to my
destined station.

The day was hot, temperature nearing 40 degrees at 10
am  perspiring profusely…I was lucky to
have got down timely else the day would have been more hectic for me….the
anxiousness for this stranger had put me into fix. I seated myself within the
station premises to take rest because I wasn’t feeling well…but my eyes were
still searching the man who had stolen my solace…but couldn’t locate him. I
drank few sips of water from my water bottle & stood to start my way…I
found him standing intercepting my way….I badly wished to confront him but
the way he intercepted my heart stood still & I was shaken assuming
something negative & I wish to cry out….but when our glances met, I was

“Hey, Nice to see you again “said Ishmeet coolly

“Hi, me too, Ishi here” I replied

“Cool, I didn’t ask your name, did I? “He said in an amusing
Today, it was my chance to be mute, I sealed my mouth.

“Are you well or something is bothering you!” Ishmeet

“I’m fine, just the soaring temperature is taking toll!” I

Suddenly I took the note of time; it was ten-thirty, quite
late for office. I started for my office, amazingly Ishmeet followed me.

“So Ishmeet, is your office in this area?”

“No. I am just coming along with you to see you off till
your office as you look a little pale” he said.

I was taken aback by his concern that too for me who was so
rude in first meeting. I kept quiet and passed a smile. As I was about to enter
the office premises,

“Hey, Ishi, note down my no.9186443320…..see you”   Ishmeet

I made a note of his number so the spark was ignited both sides…I felt at ease
all my discomforts vanished in the air & I was feeling light.

                                                                  Source: Tumbler

To be continued….
© Ila Varma 2015


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