Life is the only thing which we can’t predict…we never know what next second or minute holds for us. Still we plan long & believe that it is in our hands & are confident that we can move as per our desire…but the disaster that we just faced this weekend leaves me with a series of questions….the severe jolt  of earthquake left us devastated & perturbed & could n’t think more than to save our life…for the minute quake was felt…we just thought how to save ourselves from it…people ran hither & thither leaving all the belongings…the keys, indispensable mobiles,  ran out of their homes leaving behind all whom they nurture more than their lives in normal circumstances …in this two days, this unlucky weekend it led me to believe that all are more concerned about their life & all the materialistic things of life comes second, though we boast that we care more of our belongings than our lives…but the Mother Earth took a test & the results was We care more of our Lives than anything else.

May God Bless All…Amen 


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