Your Ignorance has hurt me to the core & I am at loss of words to express myself. I had lot of faith in you and believed that you would be there for me.  I was wrong in my judgment, where I went wrong…in believing you or in scoring lot of faith in you. I never asked anything out of way that you couldn’t do..I just yearned for the warmth of our relationship and a wide smile adorning your face which soothed me from within & kept me happy.

Can’t we be friends….can we not share the simple joys of life….an unsaid bond binds one more than the said ones, just we need to have trust in each other.

Can’t we laugh on the same jokes again & again….I derived happiness in teasing you…watching you make typical faces in annoyance….can’t you return me these simple things of life which don’t cost a penny but still it is a priceless possession for me….I am emphasizing on me b’coz I’m not sure about you….

We are on different paths of Life yet we can be together…helping each other with our sharing & caring attitude…just I wish that you be there in my reach.

                                                                                        Pic courtesy: Favim

“When two people are on a journey, there will be miles when they will fall silent, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be travelling together.”


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