With the advancement in technology & social platforms, writing letters is no more in vogue. Though the emotions that were penned down in letters can’t be replaced by emails, chat messages or sms. While writing letters, the writer poured his heart out & the feelings vent were from deep down the heart & the feeling was real…which is amiss in today’s life.

With letters, many feelings were associated especially the love letters of young chaps or of newly married couple or a couple residing at different places due to commitment of job or family…& many instances of life…the distance was reduced with the exchange of letters & along with it..it was a test of one’s patience & perseverance….the forlorn lovers missed each other & waited for the letters & the longing made their hearts go wary for each other & they anxiously waited for the letters of their beloved & after receiving, they would read innumerable times & would secretly file them…the emails can never replace…the emotions are missing in mails though it is easy to access each other within seconds….I feel the real emotions miss.

Can we revive the culture of writing letters & bring a change in our lives with a positive attitude & even improve our handwriting….pour your heart out on a piece of paper & see the difference ,

Let’s do it ?

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