Friday, February 6, 2015


" A friend is someone who knows all about you & still loves you " 

I feel that the best relationship that we share is with friends, no 

formalities...we can share all the best 

& odd things of life with our friend...a friend can be anyone with

 whom we are comfortable 

irrespective of gender or age....with whom you are compatible & 

have faith in each other ..the most 

important ingredient of any relationship....spontaneity been the 

spice of this can 

crack jokes, laugh out loud, fight, disagree & do whatsoever you 

feel like & be your own self, 

careless & carefree, share your gut feelings & secrets...your 

crushes....first or one after another.

There are no set of formal rules to be followed with friends..we 

can express  our emotions without 

caring how you look while laughing, crying or fighting nor to be 

conscious about dressing or rules of 

etiquette & one word I would sum up....BINDAAS .

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