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The word Challenge inspires us to be challenging & we take up on a positive note  thinking it  would sail away smooth on a fast pace & if it does not work as thought, we try to evade from the scene. The thing which appears to be challenging needs your time & patience to compete with it , if it would have been easy then certainly it would not be challenging but many don’t understand.

In the beginning, one puts in all his effort to make it work out but if they smell that it’s not working up to their expectation, they just give up & put their hands off saying that I can’t. Man, Life isn’t so easy nor their hiccups easy to handle, if it would have been so easy then why would one approach you , it would have been managed on their own.

The starters of today lack the patience & they give up easily….the people lead a fast life of two minute Maggi noodles…they don’t have the resistance power…when they can’t think of cooking for oneself then how can one resist life’s hurdles…life poses hurdles to test your power of fighting with adversities & tests your power & the people who come out of it are the real winners & the ones who back out lack the power to fight with the odds.

Life has never been easy….when you dawn on this planet you are fed only when you cry out…if the people would not have felt the pangs of hunger no one would have cooked food so at each juncture of life, there is pressure to perform & the pressure mounting compels us to compete….so is our student life…the pressure of family, peers & society & a threat to do something better to lead a smooth life inspires us to study well & the target is set to meet in order to lead a better life….if there wouldn’t have been a pressure…there would have been few in numbers  to work hard in schools / colleges.

Whole life revolves round pressure & challenges & the person who has the capability to handle are the real winners & they keep themselves happy & contended as well as the people who are associated with them. In service industries, there is a challenge & commitment at every step & your patience is tested at every nook & corner…you tend to meet people who are contrary to your expectation…few are difficult to handle…some may appear a threat to you but been in the industry of servicing, you can’t deny the privilege to service & you have to maintain your coolness…what you are going thru is not the matter of concern of your clientele, you are there to help him & you have to when you have vowed to & escaping from the scene is not expected…this is the time to test your grit….and when you have got the opportunity then don’t deny…maybe at this level of immaturity you reject but in the long run….it will be a guilt that you will carry…so better shed your ego & impatience & offer your support & this constant support will help you in the long run…..remember….life rewards us in small packages not with one single big package….as it is with our savings….we save amounts in our bank accounts by investing small amounts at regular intervals !!!

I would like to quote one instance which can be a eye opener for many:

A man visited hospital with his only son badly wounded & he required instant help from surgeon to save him. He was crying & yelling at the doctors to provide immediate help. He became impatient when he came to know that the surgeon was not available in hospital. In a fit of rage, he condemned the whole hospital authorities…in the mean time they admitted his son & started his treatment & soon the surgeon attended the patient & he was operated & his life saved. The surgeon left the hospital post operation, but the man was disgusted & remarked that couldn’t he wait for my son to regain consciousness. The nurse of the hospital told him the episode the doctor was facing, she told him that the only son of doctor had breathed his last & he was going to perform his last rites when his son needed emergency operation  & the doctor came to the hospital just for his son & when his operation was over, he left the hospital so that he could perform the last rites of his son.
The man after knowing the truth was speechless & thankful to the surgeon for providing timely aid to his son & save him. The surgeon did not cared of his tough situation but managed to provide service to his patient on time. He accepted the challenge in the most adverse situation of life.

One shouldn’t run away from adverse situation but ready to accept the challenge….Stay committed &  make the difference in owns life as well as in life of others.

It’s the way of Almighty to test his own people !!!

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