“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others use your heart ” Quoted by Roosevelt drew my attention but in real life, we just do the reverse …we handle ourselves using our heart & handle others using our brains & get caught in the soup…Roosevelt must have been caught in the same situation & after the consequences, he would have realized & quoted the same.
It’s true that life gives us an opportunity to learn and we learn from our experiences; good experiences adds joys to our life & bitter ones are the lessons that we learn in a tough way but it is with us all throughout the life & the toughest lessons does not leave us…there is a scar which remains with us & it tends us not to repeat further.

Friends huggind

We come across numerous people in our life.…but few leave their footprints in our lives…in just twenty-four hours of a day, we tend to meet many faces some familiar, few new but we don’t even remember all…we don’t keep a note of all whom we meet but there are some who carve a niche in your life & you feel a strong connection with them…keeps you preoccupied…some just step into your world & make you feel that you are one of the important aspects of one’s life…promises to be at your side when you need the most & you to dig faith but the promises are not kept  & you are let down…you feel loss of words to express…emotions flow out thru your eyes & you yearn for a caring hand…but when you need the most..you don’t find it & it makes you feel that you were emotional fool caught between the words…though you tread cautiously in this world still destiny plays its part & you were destined to go thru it consciously or unconsciously….a big jolt leaves you dumb & speechless but it is true that eyes speak the truth & you crave for a warm hand holding you & this craving makes you weak…and the realization set in that the words said was mere a mixture of vowels & consonants & it didn’t carry a meaning…it was said casually & you took it seriously….life mocks at you because you dealt with your heart in lieu of mind.
We don’t listen to our mind because it shows you a naked truth but you aren’t ready to accept it & you love to see a beautifully dressed lie which captivates you & you love to tread in the world of lies which seems beautiful but its hollow from inside.

I feel we should try to tread on the words of Roosevelt, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” & we will certainly feel or see the difference in our lives…it can be painful in the beginning…BIGGEST TRUTH OF LIFE…NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN…even when we took birth on this earth, it wasn’t easy to come out of the womb…had to go thru the constrictions & pain to breathe a new life & the mother who gave birth had to undergo tremendous pain to bring us & she did to see her bundle of joy & her pain vanished off at the sight of a new life.


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