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As penned down by Ashwin:

It was a new & exciting experience with my beloved Divya, we knew each other since a long time & we thought that we knew each other very well but on our honeymoon trip to Puri…I understood that there was more unseen facet of my girl which wasn’t explored by me & never knew that the experience to explore her self would be so enticing…a meek, sweet & shy girl could be so seductive as a wife …I don’t have any grudges but the time I took to raise the veil between us could be so wonderful & beyond my imagination…totally new & adventurous….our courtship days were quite disciplined….except for one or two instances…when I had lost control on myself ( though it was checked on time)…but Divya used to be very composed & I never imagined that she would defeat me after consummation…to be very frank…she did !!!

Now I understand that male only boast but the women fare well than male counterpart & she has the vigor to sustain the climax…I completely surrendered myself in the hands of my beloved wife…and with each encounter, I came to know more of her…a complete new facet of my beautiful angel who adorned my life with her beauty & love. She knew to lure me & her advances made me feel my importance in her life. Her hot & beautiful body attracted me more to her & she was very fond of me too ( as she used to put in ).

I felt complete in myself…the young saplings were firmly planted & now it was time to grow with the  warmth of our relationship. Love is a wonderful feeling which starts with the rapid heart beats of young boy & girl…sight of each other mesmerizes us from within & the mere sight of each other soothes our soul…gradually with time…expectations increase manifold…we enjoy each other company…& we care more of our counterpart than our-self…our concern for each other develops with the passage of time & our heart asks for more & more & after marriage…we seek pleasure in each other company & we desire more & more….it’s on increasing side…..we both were in the same boat enjoying company of each other…promising more & more to be together till our last breath of life.

This simple girl had made interesting plans for our honeymoon….her choice of wardrobe was just mind blowing…& her sense of dressing for her hubby was baffling….I had become slave of my love…she knew the tricks…now I was sure….Ohh…this woman…she had driven me crazyyyy.

All the time, I longed for her proximity & the plans to roam through Puri stood still…I just desired to sit beside her…& nothing else…we talked endlessly….

The trip of a fortnight was very exciting & thrilling & the experience was awesome….we visited important places of Puri & was back to our place amidst our family. There was significant changes in Divya…beautiful lady was glowing in my love & I prayed that she remains sweet throughout life & this bond grows stronger with time.

It was truly a bliss to be with my beloved Divya !!!

to be continued….. 

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