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The Indian Traditional Wedding is loaded with numerous rituals & it’s hectic for the bride & groom as well as for families of both sides, still all enjoy  & I feel that’s the reason that once’s tough to unwound…the rituals bind them together though these days people wish to curtail the traditions but the seniors don’t let them miss but insist to follow religiously.
We too were not spared by the seniors & it had exhausted us totally but our love endured all & it was an auspicious occasion which would remain etched in our memory throughout our life & we followed all the customs religiously & the closeness of my Ashwin rejuvenated me from within and I felt closer to my dreams turning into reality & it’s true the power of love is such that it belittles all other things & this time I felt it’s power.

My Mom-in-law was very happy & rejoicing her only son’s marriage & she welcomed me heartily & I was confident that she is no less than my mother, my Mom won this relation because she had undergone the pangs of labour to bring me into this world & it instilled in me a great confidence that my new Mom would be a pillar of strength in my life…this feeling itself is a great thing for a new bride who steps into new house, new world with a whole set of new people & is bound in new relations which becomes her identity throughout the life.

After Bahu Bhaat, all the guests retreated back & we were left alone to start the exciting journey of life …a new lease of life….a totally new aspect which we had vowed to take up together & make this journey memorable for each other. We packed our bags & baggage to start for our honeymoon, the spot pre-booked , Puri , Orissa.

I had packed my baggage secretly keeping the costumes & other things of my choice that I had purchased to wear on honeymoon trip giving surprise to my friend, my confidante who was my hubby now and after tying the knot, the relation was much more sacred…I saw a new dimension in this relationship…before I used to share with him all the things abruptly but now I was on lookout to give him surprises & kept things to me & loved to watch his lovely expressions which raced my each beat & made me love him more than before & so with each passing day & night …my fondness for him grew…..& I had found my true love.

We started our journey full of excitement & looked ahead for the surprises that was in store for both of us.Throughout journey, we maintained the discipline to behave unlike the new couple of today who don’t bother of people in surrounding & indulge in cuddling & kissing…they think they have every right…there are many things which all of us know but it’s better that it is done in privacy maintaining the sanctity of relationship & in early 80’s we didn’t had the courage to explore at public places though today I don’t deny that we didn’t had the desire …yes we had the desire but the inhibitions prohibited us to indulge…secretly we wished that we reach our destination fast  & explore our new self to each other.

After 24 hours of journey, we landed on the shores of Puri…pleasant weather welcomed us & we loved the environment…away from the hustle-bustle of city..breathing fresh air far from pollution…we had booked our room in OTDC …the hotel was on the sea shore…panoramic view of sea from the hotel ‘s room window & the cool breeze eased us from the exhaustion of wedding & journey. After getting fresh & having a brunch…we surrendered ourselves to each other exploring completely unknown facets of each other & there was no inhibitions, no boundaries to be maintained & the passion of fire melted us to the core leaving us restless …& we didn’t wish to part from each other not even for a second & the cool weather sparked our love making to new wasn’t first encounter after nuptial knot but amidst silence of the breeze…we sailed to new horizon ….the expressions spoke more than the words….and this was the first time since we started seeing  each other that we didn’t exchange a word the whole day….the initiative of Ashwin was mind blowing…I had never seen this facet of Ashwin….a complete Man & now I was no more a naive….a woman of substance as Ashwin remarked.

The baggage that we had carried long way was still lying as bundle in the corner of the room & we were under the sheets where we had explored each other…I thoroughly enjoyed the initiation of my hubby which made me feel like an angel…My Man was wild & soft & his passionate moves filled me up to the brim of satisfaction & I felt on top of the world…it can’t be said in words…no amount of words can suffice the passion of fire which had kindled our love.

After a hot & refreshing shower, we strolled on the sea shore cuddling each other…& watching the tides on the full moon night….the tides were high due to the effects of full moon so people don’t step into the sea….the view was pleasing & the company of my love made it more comforting & the silence of a long day was broken by the spurts of jokes that Ashwin cracked….he had a good collection of it…..with few unhealthy ones which he shared with me today for the first time…..and our laughter echoed on the shore amongst the tides that fiercely rose but sublimed at the shore…




I LOVE YOU DIVYA.….it echoed in the distance !

to be continued….. 

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