Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses


A Careless Girl Wove a Dream
And, One Fine Day
Her Prince Of Charm
Stepped Into Her Life
Took Her Along To Start A Life Fresh !!!

Life was not only Bed of Roses
It had Thorns Strewn Along
But the Beauty of Roses
Subdued the Pain Of Thorns !!

She Adored Her Prince
Her Madness For Him
Made Her Do All The Wonders
To Adorn Her Life With Him !!!

He Was Ignorant & Naive
Never Tried To Peep Into Her
She Believed That One Day
He Will Realize Her Feelings
Anxiously Waited For The D Day !!!

Their Love Bloomed
She Was Blessed With Two Beautiful Kids
Her Whole Life Revolved Around Them
She Forgot Her Wishes & Was On Her Toes
To See Both Of Them Happy !!!

She Left No Stone Unturned
To Give Them The Best Of This World
Couldn’t Bear Tears In Their Eyes
Searched for A Smile On Their Lips !!!

Time Came When Her Kids Grew
Left The Nest To Settle Their Life
Their Success Welled Her Eyes
The Tears Were Of  Happiness
She Saw Her Dreams Fulfilled !!!

 A Void In Her Life Was Created
 And A Turmoil Inside 
One Self Was happy
& The Other Self Helpless !!!

She Had No Choice
Had To Accept The Truth Of Life
Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses
& To Enjoy The Fragrance Of Roses
You Have To Get Pricked By Thorns !!!© By Ila Varma

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1 thought on “Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Genuine expressions….Awesome…very touchy

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