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It’s all about Money, Honey….there are varied opines on the importance of Money in our life…is Money the only thing that can bag happiness…straighten out a broken relationship…maintain a status symbol in our society & family…I never attached importance to this paper…a very dirty thing but still in this materialistic world, we guard it more than our life…Once I was just introspecting , what was the dirtiest thing that we find around & concluded that this paper Money is the most dirtiest thing..very unhygienic but we never wash our hands after touching the notes…it circulates from so many hands…many keep inside their body & even in their private parts but still we never think twice while picking up these coins or notes…just because it can fetch all the comforts of life…not even a single person would have ever thought of washing hands after counting the notes…this is materialistic world & many close relations are also weighed on this scale…the people with better monetary power gets more attention than the one who lacks or has less…

Not only in social circle, people with hefty pay packets are respected but even in family people with best salary structure are given more importance & care….you are good at heart, helping nature but you don’t have much to spare , you won’t be welcomed…people will cut off from you & will have an apprehension that they might have to help the insufficient & this apprehension creates a hype in the relation….

I know better that this Money is not going to fetch inner happiness or peace…but..believe me, you can buy relatives, friends, well wishers, a status in society from this …so this dirty paper is very valuable in our life…the people who have read this would be thinking how stupid I am saying that the Money is not so important…yes, it has immense importance….but is it so important that you keep other relations on stand…even parents who has borne the child into this world & has given many sermons to become a good human being too start differentiating between their kids on the pretext of money….these things hurt me a lot….& I pray to God that never ever make me so that I too start weighing all the relationship on the bar of economics…till today I feel proud of myself that I don’t have ill feelings for my relatives & I am keen to help all as much as I can…& feel happy for all & don’t hold any prejudice though I find many who are jealous of their siblings & friends on their success.

I feel I am lucky self that I don’t harbour such feelings…..Money is the medium to survive & lead a life of our choice as per our income….but after life, all that you hoard are scattered and what trails is your good deeds, I have seen life from close quarters & found that the people who ignored all the relations or comforts of life just to guard the money in bank accounts did not lead a quality life & one fine day left for heavenly abode leaving all the accounts full with Money…but did it give them happiness or peace…No, never & now no one even take their names…

I know many won’t agree with my view…I have seen ups & downs of life & have enjoyed the good & bad days of life…with lots of money or with meager sum…but never ever I changed my way of accepting people & I welcomed all with a happy heart in my good or worse days…my way never changed…so
Honey…Money is important but don’t attach too much of importance….it’s not above the relationships…I know we can’t do without it…but the joys of  life can’t be bought with it…..Time to retrospect !!!

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