Everyday is a new chapter of life & we learn new things with each encounter of life….it is in continuation…many instances goes unnoticed but few jolt us or surprise us ….& we learn from our deeds or mistakes..it is easy to say learn to Trust or don’t be prejudiced…it jolts you to the core when you trust someone blindly  with utmost faith & the faith is torn…it hurts a lot but you can’t even complain nor say anything because you held your faith very high & now you don’t know how to react….set in silently or cry out…crying out will attract attention of many…& one has nothing to give in for an explanation…the faith was held in high esteem & in one go you can’t blow it out, out of proportion…mind allows to break the barriers but heart refuses to proceed further & since time immemorial heart has won over mind & that’s the reason that hearts are broken into pieces so small that it is difficult to take back its shape…If one had mastery over mind then the picture of heart & emotions could not have been found anywhere in this universe….still we run after emotions as it is a binding factor & we can’t unbind easily.

In any relationship, personal touch is important for survival …be it professional, family or friends…the essence of all is involvement of affections….& one should learn to care for the affections & trust one has built on one another…it’s not easy to gain trust & when you are trusted at least pay in the price of it in kindness….it’s true money buys everything that we need to survive but still the inner peace can be bought by faith & affection so this tops the list but we are so much engrossed in materialism that we ignore the bare fact….& the caring hand goes unnoticed.

To tear apart..it’s not mandatory that you abuse by derogatory remarks because when we do so we aren’t hurting the other self but one is hurting oneself as Buddha said, “If you throw hot coals on someone then you are bound to burn your hands first”….but people forget this fact & invite trouble for themselves…

Breaking is easy than constructing but in a fit of rage…one doesn’t understand the importance of a relationship which is formed in years or months or weeks & if one has hold you high in his eyes then respect the beholder…you won’t loose much instead you will gain…gain won’t be in momentum but in long run you are bound to reap the fruits of it…over care or dependence feels like pressure on one self but try to see the beautiful side to it that you are privileged to be the owner of the pride & try to maintain the sanctity of it…care goes by sharing care….that’s it !!!


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