Accept Me As I Am


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I want to be accepted as I am so that I may become what I am…with my best abilities & shortcomings…with all the flaws…I am full of life & love…you won’t find any deception or pretension in me…simple & soft at heart….a bit irrational at times..that’s me….no one is perfect & I love to grow with my imperfections…perfecting it time to time as required but mind it, no superficiality….no lies…no intention to hurt anyone deliberately…try to help the helpless…It’s my request to accept me as I am….accept & feel the difference…you will enjoy my companionship….My smiles will nurture the lives of people who are associated with me as I keep Smiling & believe in spreading my smiles…the most priceless but precious possession that can enlighten the lives that I touch….& seeing others happy keeps me happy & contented !!!!

Love You !!!!!


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