Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

The journey of 2015 is over
Amidst celebrations & woos
We have stepped into the new year 2016
with a loud bang bang on our doors.

we pull out this year
with  more of happiness
more of smiles
doubling the joys forever.

Let’s take a resolution
To learn from the instances
which subtracted our happiness
not to repeat the mistakes
which minus our relationships.

Learn to Multiply the joys of life
Learn to divide the sorrows
Welcome people with open hearts
Forgive those who hurt you
give them a chance to survive
to learn the good virtues of life.

Keep your worries at bay
Cherish the good moments
Refresh the old ones
Keep up your courage to knock the odds out
Listen the needy
Outreach the people in misery
Share your concerns for the people in need
Care for the people ill.

Spread happiness by passing smiles
to the passerby
who touch your lives
Sieve out hatred from your life
Gather joys by the small tit-bits of life.

© Ila Varma 31/12/2015


2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 610 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

कठोर सत्य।।


सांस थमते,

अस्थी और अस्तित्व,

पंचतत्व में विलिन,

रह गयी सिर्फ,

ख्याति तुम्हारी,

जिन्हें याद कर

लोग होते गमगीन।।

© इला वर्मा 29/12/2015

दिल लगा बैठे!!!

अनभिज्ञ थे हम

दुनिया के रस्मों-रिवाजों से

कस्बें की मोहतरमा से

दिल लगा बैठे।।

© इला वर्मा 29/12/2015

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My Wish List For Santa

Wishes are many and endless
Which keeps me going
Chasing me in and out
From turbulence of life.

Dear Santa,
Banish my troubles
Accolade me with
Delicacies of life
Glide me into the hours
Where I can attain
Without pretense
Peeling out the masks
That conceals me.
I could slide on the snow
My favorite songs
Playing loud
In the background
Voices echoing
In the valleys.
I could watch
The sight
Of bright sunny lights
Shimmering & glistening
On the snow-capped peaks.
My wishes are
Simple & true
Cheap & Best
If I am really
With the bounties of Nature
I will be one of the
Happiest Soul.
Bless me with good health & vigor
To make my dreams come true.

© Ila Varma 29/12/2015

She Sleeps in Silence

A soul was freed
snapping all the strings
of relationships
from the clutches
of excruciating pain
physical worries.

She had lived her life
mercenary formalities
of the lives
she evolved.

Lucky was she
to be fringed
by doting
kids n kin
encircling her
in the mellow days
of her life
rearing & raising her
satiating her
desires & dreams
that she left
incomplete for herself
the strifes of life
as a Single Mother.

Destiny had been cruel
Snatching her radiance
in the prime youth
Shattering her life complete.

The road of life ahead
seemed endless
dark & dreary
she had to tread alone
for the life
in her lap
innocent & unknown
who only
babbled & recognized
the lap
the fragrance
of his Mom.

She gathered herself
stood tall
drying her tears that welled
Mustering courage
ready to conquer
the world
defying the norms
shielding herself
the piercing & prying eyes
her womanhood.

The flesh in her arms
a power
to withstand the troubles
the life impregnated
in her path.

She fought
She won
the battle of life
the responsibility
of a parent
rearing a responsible lad.

Her garden of life bloomed
that she nurtured with great care.
Happiness derived
and the small innocent guy
into a boulder
with a strong shoulder
weaning her
from the responsibilities
she shouldered.

Her kind grace
at a slow pace
emanated into
a family of care
who had
wide & contagious smiles
on their faces
her days of moron were over.

She rejoiced
in her garden of joy
Her life infused
innumerable mirth & care
making her forget
the times 
of despair & sorrow.

Time & tide
waits for none.
age advanced
organs failed
no medications functioned
the time dawned
to leave the world.

The commotion 
The conflict
Of family & doctors
Finally ended.

The day arrived
to free 
the immortal soul
caged in the mortal body
which had decayed with time
it lingered for freedom
to wander in space.

Santa stepped at her side
rescuing her 
from the agony of pain
She laid in silence
her divine soul marched ahead
on a spiritual path
her brethren
with a life laden with joy.

© Ila Varma 28/12/2015



क्युँ नवाजा उन्हें,

कुदरत की खुबसूरत नियामत से,

जिन्हें कद्र नहीं,

कुदरत के अनमोल सौगात संभालने की।।
© इला वर्मा 27/12/2015


Adopted Child


I was stunned
By the beauty of the soul.
Who helped me to restore
Disheveled parts of mine
Into a concrete structure
Giving me a reason to smile
Flying me away
From the hunger and the cries.

A hope billowed
A love smiled
In the aura of a couple
Who adopted me as a child.

They showered all their love & blessings
Unlocking the doors of their heart
Which was full of praise & pride
For their only child.
I was their blessing in disguise.

© Ila Varma 24/12/2015

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