The violence, killing innocents, carnage engulfing entire universe is a matter of concern…When will this stop.…can we afford to have a better world…a safe haven far from resentments,bitterness,blood bath…the people who spread terror is of no religion…they just believe in taking lives…cruelty develops within them…and they are ready to lay down their lives while terrorizing masses…As of now, the whole world is in the threat of terror…with the advancement in technology, these terrorists have advanced their method of attack.

Can we look forward for a world far away from this madness of terror….if only the negative force of energy is converted to positive then this world can grow in peace.

Don’t spread the agony of pain in the name of religion…no religion or school of thought believes in provocation…

Feel the pain of people & turn around to extend your hand to help the people suffering, pull the downtrodden, & the day you realise the agony of pain, you will stop from indulging in these bitterness.

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