23rd Jan.1982, the sun shone bright and filled our room with its warmth…blessings us to the core for our new journey that we started together after tying the knot in the most auspicious hour along with the blessings of all…& the warmth of love of Ashwin filled me up to the brim, my joys knew no bounds & I thanked god for fulfilling my long awaited wish….edge over my heart….nothing could be much best than this…a hard kiss locked my lips & I breathed love…love of my life & promised to myself that I will stand by my love throughout life & hold his hands when he needs me the most & was emotional. Today I had all the right to take my love in my arms & I surrendered myself & he held me tight….
The knock on the doors forced us to part…it was the time to complete the rituals post marriage….Ashwin kissed me hard before leaving the room & I was hot & red basking in the fire of his love.I wanted to be in his arms where he held me tight & never let me go…..I wanted him to be my side badly….did not wanted to let him go anymore.

After the hustle & bustle following the rituals, I started for my new home…along with Ashwin, the most heart rending moment…time to leave my house where I was born & played & grew up  along with my parents…as a child never ever thought that one day I will have to leave this house & my parents behind…there was turmoil inside…I couldn’t console myself…I cried my heart out while leaving…Ashwin took me in his arms & tried his best to console me but I was just restless & couldn’t control my tears…same was the case of my parents…there only child set for leaving their house…they just couldn’t accept…till today, when I go down the memory lane, the whole episode moves in front of my eyes & though my parents are no more & my daughter is now college going girl, still I am emotional recalling the moments when I left my home & my parents behind….I was in the same town and used to visit frequently but the relations take a twist and we all are same but the essence of relationship do change, I must admit that and the priorities changes…it is never the same maybe this is the fact of life.

With heavy heart, I left my home behind & started my journey of life with Ashwin. The crowd at my new home was waiting to welcome us and with great grandeur, I was welcomed by my in-laws amongst range of rituals…a traditional marriage is strewn with maximum number of rituals to be followed by the bride & the groom & it leaves both tired but still has to maintain the decorum.

Ashwin did not let me put down my feet on ground & carried me in his arms into his house…couldn’t describe the feelings in words…it could be felt within & tears of joys flowed & this kind gesture of my hubby made me to believe that he was My Mr. Right. He cupped my face in his hands & kissed me on my face profusely to make up for the tears that flowed beyond control while leaving my Babul house & he took me into his arms, my head resting on his broad chest & I felt a cover of protection enveloping myself.

“Divya, my love…I am there for you always…I will never let you down…have faith in me & trust my words,” Ashwin said.

I had no words to say…I was speechless…just could say, ” I Love You Ashwin “

We were left in our room all alone to take rest & Ashwin showered love graciously & when we slept we didn’t know, again the knock on the door alerted us & the clock struck 4 pm.

to be continued….. 

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