Now 2014 is ready to bid adieu & 2015 is ready to arrive in…and in this one year time, there was tremendous twist & turn in my life…Dec.2013 started with terrific improvement in my health…and I was very happy &  thrilled to see myself regaining my gait & confidence, I could walk miles without a stop.I was amazed by the difference in me and I wanted to grab all good things in one go &  stormed out of the enclosure and in each month, I got the tickets booked to visit places of my choice…I wanted to see the world in my new avatar….where I didn’t need any help from anyone…I could manage my bags & baggage…so I felt like a bird soaring wings and reaching new heights…I took off from Mumbai with my bro-in-law & sister-in-law…visited Pune & Shirdi Sai Temple…waited in a queue for more than five hours but no discomfort…I was absolutely fine….my happiness knew no bounds…I didn’t want to look back just wanted to fulfill my desire to see the places which I have been longing to see but postponing due to health issues.

Last week of Dec.2013 & Jan.2014 I spent in Mumbai at my bro-in-laws place & the new year with my parents & sister, all my well wishers were very pleased to see the difference in me & I was on top of the world. It wasn’t my first trip to Mumbai…I am an independent entity & this time I had the freedom to roam freely without any inhibitions so visited the important temples of Mumbai & Haji Ali.

In Feb.2014, visited Ambala, Chandigarh & Shimla…..was mesmerized with the beauty of Shimla…nature did justice to this place, a small township though it is a capital city of Himachal Pradesh..we had been there two days after a snowfall…

snow covered mountains appeared magnificent…the tree tops covered with snow and the bright sun rays appeared like silver scattered all around…the trees of Deodar, Chir & Pine enveloped the area of Shimla and the temperature was near 2 degrees…the car top was covered with snow …due to time constraint couldn’t halt at Shimla …but the beauty of the place attracted me and I planned to visit Shimla in next winter with a plan to wander on snow & enjoy the beauty far away from the maddening crowd.

The Pinjore garden too was a lovely place…planned garden & lighting in the evening was a sight to watch.

With each month passing, I was improving & I thanked the god profusely for blessing me with good health & vigour…full of life & ready to conquer. I forgot my past health issues & I got myself engrossed in all the things which had been kept incomplete & managed the whole house on my own that too in a tidy way which paid maids can’t do.

Never knew that it was short lived & I couldn’t enjoy long….gradually weakness started developing & I looked for more support.
The year 2014 started with a bang but while ending again it has made the things difficult still looking forward to covering up in 2015 and fulfill my wishes !!!

One never knows what life has in store for you to enjoy the spring of life till you can as no one knows


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