How can people be so cruel & inhumane to the buds…whom they nipped before they could bloom, mere thought of it sends shivers through….glances at the pictures of dead kids make my heart bleed…how people dared to kill the innocents….I feel they don’t have a heart to feel the emotions…if they had, they couldn’t think of laying down lives of the kids who don’t even know what hatred is all about….they just know to smile & cry when hungry…far away from the maddening crowds. How could they shoot those beautiful lives & stand the shrieks of the innocents who knew only the language of LOVE & CARE

The people all around the world from all religion should come forward and join the protest against the group of people who are lest in numbers & challenging the world with terror…all of us hold Muslims community responsible for this terror….but as per my experiences…I feel TERRORISTS are a part & parcel of a group who don’t follow any religion….and their thoughts & feelings are impure guided by the bad elements & they breathe in hatred & believe in violence.

Instead of blaming each other & holding the community responsible for the carnage…if we all come out & stand together against these fit of people…then certainly we can make this world beautiful and away from the blood bath that we are witnessing since a long time….so many precious lives have been lost & still a fear grips in what next is in store.

We need to work on it…really my heart bleeds watching the nature bleeding due to few people who are trying to spread HATRED & VIOLENCE !!


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