It was evening before the  D day…the day to get hitched  arrived in our lives & now we were ready to take our promises that we exchanged to be one soul dwelling in two bodies…accepting each other on the front of society….and become Man & Wife & share our lives as a couple…the day we fell for each other…we had become One forever….but now it was the time to see our dreams fulfilled…the desire to be one entity & to stand for each other in all the juncture of life….laugh on our joys…hold each other at times of sorrow & grief…and we jointly can sustain all the shortcomings of life…we believed in each other & had a belief that our bonding grows stronger with time.

The whole house was illuminated with colorful lights…outstanding decor…the passion that my Mom had for it..& she was on continuous spree to make this event memorable…though her eyes became moist when she saw me but it was a ritual which every parent followed…to adorn the life of their children…the tears were of happiness and Ashwin was going to be a new member of our family.

Our names ” DIVYA WEDS ASHWIN “were scripted on the walls illuminated with colorful lights…and I was overjoyed seeing my dream come true that we both had seen together. I had grown with him in all these years & a carefree girl turned into a woman in the company of my love Ashwin. Varied emotions gripped me and I desired to float in the dreams of my beloved,Ashwin & longed to feel his presence all over me…it was a matter of one night but it had made me desperate…never ever felt so desperate…not even when Ashwin had been to States….now my patience questioned me…
Ashwin too was desperate and as we were inching closer..level of desperation was at its height but Ashwin knew to stand out…he called me up and tried to satiate my feelings with his loving attitude…this attitude had melted my heart…no choice could have been better than Ashwin…a well composed man…full of good virtues and I prayed that it stands all through my life and his constant support will sparkle my life.

Round of traditions kept me busy throughout the day….I was the center of attraction of this and all humors,jokes,songs were cracked in my favor…felt like a celebrity…cynosure of all eyes…mixed feeling… feeling to meet my love and a feeling to leave behind the home of my parents but been honest the feelings for Ashwin triumphed…Love knows no bounds & one stranger reigns above all relations…he had instilled in me the seeds of concern and I had nurtured them to soft saplings all way long.

22nd Jan.1982…the important day of my life…an event which was to change my course of life. The hustle and bustle continued throughout the day…different set of traditions that I had to follow throughout the day along with my well wishers..the participants been my family members, close & extended…friends & neighbors….The beautician adorned me and I couldn’t recognize myself before mirror, entirely changed persona of myself…Divya looked more like a woman….and red lehenga of mine looked fabulous on me….the one chosen by my love…I believe he knew what looked good on me …and I longed to see Ashwin gazing at me in my new self…which he must have dreamt but never had seen me before in this persona…it was a discovery for me & certainly it was going to be a discovery of new self….the pangs of emotions pinked my cheeks, I felt the hot flush…a beautiful feeling which I hadn’t been before and I believed new dimensions of my life were waiting to be discovered…loosening the veils between us…and I was loving this new extreme of life.

The heart beat faster as moments were inching closer and the music of Band Bajaa approaching our house…so my love has reached my place to take me along…it appeared to be a fairy tale wherein my granny used to tell me via her bedtime stories that a prince would come and take me long….my prince was there in the Ambassador car decked up with roses…in 80’s, it was a pride to have an Ambassador car.

There is a tradition that the bride peeps thru the window to have a glimpse of Baraat…and I peeped…my eyes searching my prince & heart raced. I was taken to jaimala stage escorted by my sisters,friends & bhabhi’s wherein my prince was ardently waiting for her princess…amidst crowd, I stepped on to the stage but I couldn’t stand to see directly into the eyes of Ashwin who was eyeing me with a wide smile on his face…He was looking more handsome than before in his dark blue suit with a contrast color shirt.

Our dream was fulfilled….after a long wait….and the wait was worth waiting, which gave us an opportunity to know each other more closely from all perspectives & it brought us more closer to each other & now on the sacred alter , we vowed to be for each other through the thick & thin of life & Ashwin adorned my forehead with red sindoor, a sacred tie and we were blessed.

After sindoor daan, we were locked in a room for sharing privacy part of a tradition….I felt like a naive and an unknown consciousness enveloped me and I couldn’t stand the eyes of Ashwin, who had sensed my pangs of anxiety & with a wide smile on his lips, he stared me but didn’t touch me. I wished to wrap myself in his arms & rest …with a sense of belonging and longed for his caresses….and after few minutes, he flung his arms open & I ran to wrap myself…there was utter silence in between us…the boundaries sublimed & now no force could part us…only death could part…that we vowed & bright morning welcomed us to start a new chapter of life…our relationship got a meaning and my heart danced to the tune of songs….LOVE YOU ASHWIN

to be continued….. 

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