I very well know that expectations hurt and it hurts a lot…still y am 
I heading in this direction….Why I want to hurt myself…numerous 

queries lies ahead of me…I am marching ahead to get myself 

wounded & will wound badly…I feel…that too in full 

consciousness…I have asked many to be beware of this awkward & 

I am myself retreating into it….it means at this point of time, I am

destined to meet the fate of pain…might be lucky that I gain instead 

of pain but chances are bleak…It is not that I am expecting a 

lot…just need kind attention & care that I need to make my journey

smooth and happy…few words that can balm my soul which has 

withered with tough days & a touch of care can mend my ways…I 

am not asking out of way….but in a short span of time, level of my

expectations has crossed the bar from a person who was completely 

unfamiliar to me for the reasons unknown but the level of approach 

that I met with made me weak & wary…in distress…sympathy is

taken as empathy…though I don’t wish anyone to sympathize with 

me…each life faces distress at some point of time in life & when 

you don’t complain for the good days then why to move back &

curse the fate for the hardship….we get wary at the minutes of 

hardships which seems like ages & we start measuring the hiccups 

in our journey which shows up to check your level of endurance &

adversity tests us to the core.

Many times I wonder why am I hurt at your ignorance though you 

haven’t done it deliberately…you can’t be there for me all the time 

which I have started nurturing in my soul…because you are not

supposed to be…you are on your duty & I agree you are 

performing well…it is none of your fault…it is the fault of my 

emotions which is taking toll of me & it might stand out to be 

better for me if I accept the challenge but I do have the fear of 


I long for a soft touch on my shoulder, a caress of care, few words 

of appreciation and encouragement which can work as wonder for 

me..Let the faith that  I hold in my eyes be maintained…be firm in 

approach but denial  hurts a lot…so let the faith stand & help me 

to share a happy bonding to regain myself and I am not distorted 

in any ways.

I am strong enough but still I need a hug to regain my self…

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