Friday, December 5, 2014


We all know that expectations hurt, but still we cannot come out of it unscathed, at some point of time we all are caught in the net... hope is a beautiful thing to live for but expectations kill us.... still why we wait for the fulfillment of our expectations... we readily jump into the sea of uncertainty & invite the unexpected to hurt us

I simple at heart readily accept people in my life, especially those who try to add in small joys &  start weaving dreams... but all has their own commitments and they can't be with me when I need them the most.

I like simple person whose actions speak more & has smiles on their faces because by sharing joy, happiness multiplies and I can leave all materialistic things behind in pursuit of happiness & for me relationships are more valuable... a sacred tie that binds the strings of  hearts.

And the person who stands by me in adversity is a great friend of mine & his presence is a valuable treasure precious than all the golds, diamonds, platinum's  in my store well.
Sometimes, I may be irrational & can demand more than I deserve but I do promise that I too would be there when you need me the most or even if you don't need my presence, my prayers will be there to safeguard you!!

Thanks a lot for your kind support!!

Love U !!!
© Ila Varma 05/12/2014

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