I am a firm believer that if you help others God will help you, but the unending qualms life offers me day to day  I feel as if one day I will be compelled to give up my faith….People say that life is full of ups and down….there is a silver lining behind dark clouds…but in any situation whatsoever…my body is never free from sufferings…when I came into this mischief world, I was welcomed with the rusted forceps though I weighed lest than a normal baby, still God made me suffer & it wasn’t easy for me to enter this beautiful  world…the forceps disfigured my face…I was the long awaited child of my family as one child elder to me was born still…and when it was my chance god had plans to save me to face this challenging world but laid my journey full of distraught damaging my body….All the members of my family were on toe after my birth as they did not wish to lose the second child of the family & it was the biggest task for them too to save me….& I survived..Thanks to Dr.Lala Surajnandan who proved to be my savior though it was the Almighty plan & in disguise it was the Doctor’s turn to receive the credit & my family did gave him the credit….The strong antibiotics in vaccine forms was administered to fight many infections that I was infected with because of  the rusted forceps of PMCH, Patna used to deliver me.

Gradually, my face was back to normal and my family members were relieved of the tension…A girl child with disfigured face was a challenge for the family especially in that era where girl was not welcomed with open arms but I was the first survivor borne by my mother.

Life is a continuous battle & we have to constantly fight with but my life has been full of adventures…adventure with Medicines…biggest challenge of my life…and till today, I face them with wide smile on my lips & my crystal clear voice with even pitch…which is consistent in spite of all odds of life…which compels me to believe the lines of song of Kinara movie …”Meri Awaaz hi pehchaan hai…”

I was an active kid…always on toes..busy with toys in kindergarten days…in monsoon times would love to catch fish from our campus sprawled in acres and stored them in Horlicks bottle…colorful small fishes…everyday would change their water…sail paper boats in the water flowing in campus…but the pinching pain in my legs would weaken me in late evenings…sometime endured the pain but at times the excruciating pains left me lifeless & my granny would be there with me oiling my legs so that I am relieved…but as I go back to the memory lane as far as I can recall there were many evenings of my life when sleep came to my rescue then only I was relieved of the pain…so the pain was the forte of my childhood…the pain killer tab Avedan helped me to get rid of the pain in my legs…But the next morning, I woke up with a vigor…& my undying spirits let forget the memories of the past evenings…back to my schedule..a hectic one I say because I would be totally involve in different acts of play…in pets I had a doggie Kitty and set of rabbits…all kept me busy!!

One fine morning, my adventure led me to electric shock that too a severe one due to which I had lost my consciousness….again my life was at stake…and I was the hero of this plot…I had opened the bed switch and in those days the electricity supply was DC unlike AC of today…DC current pulls the person & I was the victim of the plot….I had to live so again I won the battle of life but the severe shock resulted in jaundice which sent me to bed rest for three months…Life hasn’t been fair with me but every time I was prized with an award…so I say my life to be an adventure with the medicines..I don’t remember a year of my life passing without doses of medicines…and unknowingly I had developed a liking for the medicines…generally people that too kids shy away from gulping syrups or pills but I  was ever ready child & would gulp any amount of it without any coaxing..!

Seeing my activity no one could make out that the Almighty has been so unfair with me…the onlookers never believed my suffering because of my zest, the grit & vigor for life….but the path had never  been easy for me, but I move on because I believe in myself.

© Ila Varma 2014
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2 thoughts on “SHAKING FAITH”

  1. Amber Austin says:

    Very interesting story.. i like your posts. Where are you from?
    checkout my blog,

    1. Ila Varma says:

      Thanks Amber…I am from India.

      yeah, I have checked your blog & loved your intense blog

      you are from ?

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