With the passage of time our bond strengthened and we were a step ahead….we were glued to telephone more and meetings were occasional though Ashwin visited college to catch a glimpse of his lover blooming and on few occasions Mom invited him to our place..she knew that I missed him badly so for me she asked him to drop mainly on Sundays so that he could pass time with my Paa & develop a bond with him too..So Sundays were lovely when Ashwin dropped at our place and had lunch or dinner with us and we got a breather to spend an hour or so in solitude and that moment was quite precious for both of us & it’s cherished by me till today.

Gradually marriage arrangements were on peak in both the families both sets of parents were busy in marketing, chalking plans to make it a grand success and we two were over anxious and overjoyed that we two were going to spend our rest of life together soon after& there were numerous plans conceived in our hearts which we had to roll out after the wedding.

Our commitments of job and studies too were of concern & we had to do our best to secure our future. Life appeared beautiful & colorful but anxiety too gripped me over the thought of leaving my parents behind. I was lucky to get married in the same city but still, this thought perplexed me at times & tears rolled down.


I was in a fix…no choice before me…I wanted both my love & my parents…I believe that all girls go through this phase & it’s difficult for all to choose…& the norms of society is to leave behind the parents and accept the man of your life..even my Mom did the same..for me the anxiety was more been  a single child…whenever I felt low at the thought of leaving, my Mom was there to assure me & her assurances brought significant change in my mood..she was more of my friend than my mother & I would definitely miss her aura around me …her charm which enhanced my persona.

to be continued….. 


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