When infatuation transformed into
deep love…

I just can’t recall. In few meetings we were well versed with each
other interests, habits, inhibitions…it seemed as if we knew each other since
Ashwin was very senior to me in
college…he was in final year of Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and I
was in first yr. of Graduation…it was a coincidence that I too planned to do
Master’s in Child Psychology…our interest & subject was common between us
which added sparks in   our relationship.
Life seemed more colourful than
before I never knew that Love can do such wonders…I had read somewhere that
falling in love makes one a poet and now I felt that there was much reality in
these said words…the one who had expressed must have been in love…When I

we weren’t aware of it…but we were enjoying each other company.
Ashwin completed his master’s
degree and was ready to leave for States for further studies and research on his
subject…I was happy that he completed his Masters but the mere imagination of
living away from him send shivers down my spine…It was hard to imagine bcoz
my world revolved around Ashwin …He too felt the same & did not wished to
leave but for carving a niche for his self in this world there was no choice
We never met outside college, because we did not wished that anybody talked about our relationship which
would scar our companionship…we were more than friends but within limits…I
would not mind accepting now that within me thousand & thousand times a
desire… a craving aroused  for his
close proximity, but there was a hesitation & inhibition  which held back  & maintained the sanctity of relationship…ours was a platonic relationship we
shared each and everything but a respectable distance was maintained between us
and it was predefined that after settlement, we would tie the knot with the
blessings of all…

At college…people saw our
relationship with questionable eyes, but we never gave them a chance to conclude
that there was something between us…

The restlessness could not go
unnoticed by My Mamma who knew well about our relationship, she encouraged to
maintain the sanctity of relationship if we wished to go for long
term…“Patience bears sweet fruits..,”she used to always say to boost my

Ashwin used to come to college daily after his course was over just to meet
me…he would wait for my classes to get over and it was a routine quorum.

As the D day was approaching
near… it flared my anxiety and in these two years of relationship I felt as if
we knew each other since ages. Still I vowed to myself not to get upset and my
mission was to complete my graduation and further completing Masters. By the
time I would be in Masters Degree, his research will be over and then we could
enjoy our relationship forever lost in each other company…no excuses no

to be continued….. 

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