Now we both were impatient….we wished that maximum time we spend with each other or were glued to land line phone..when ever the telephone rang, I leaped to pick…same was with Ashwin (as he told me)….the flame was on both sides..appropriate time for getting hitched..but it wasn’t easy as it seemed..we belonged to different community…though we both were Hindus…but in our time , inter caste alliances wasn’t so easy or it can be said very difficult…society too did not accepted easily…every parent wish that they fix their child marriage as per their choice & within the community….we had crossed both the boundaries…we wished to marry of our choice & that too in inter-caste….parents & society both were in back seat…way seemed topsy-turvy…but when you fall in love you don’t care to know the caste & creed…love is a spontaneous feeling & one comes to know when they have deeply fallen for each other & there is no choice...LOVE is never planned…& if you plan it means you are compromising not falling.

In both the houses, hot topic was to get hitched…we scratched our heads…because it needed a planning…plan to get the parents agree for marriage at Ashwin’s place & in my home..Mamma knew but the master of my house was my father, Mr.Chandra….a well built man, robust personality & held esteem in society & he kept with himself the powers of major decision..and Mamma too knew that it wasn’t easy but she confided in me & she wished that I marry a person of my choice…she knew to move with times..but my Pop..he wished to head in his own manner…he was caring towards me and my Mom but none could overrule him…But at Ashwin’s place,  the situation was just the opposite…His father Mr.Singh was College Principal but a cool man & took care of his son’s decisions but His Mom, Mrs. Singh was strict & loved to deal in her own ways..She was the principal of her house & Mr.Singh too was guided by her…& the extreme was we both were single child of our parents…all hopes pinned to us.

We both discussed & were busy in finding ways to make the parents agree. I was from Kayastha family & Ashwin was from Bhumihar Family, a very conservative & orthodox community & society even ostracized the family who married out of the community….in this long association we never fret or fume but to get the families agree we were at the threshold of losing patience…but losing patience would not help so we hatched a plan & hoped that it might click.
Ashwin requested me to come to his house over lunch…so that his parents could see me & what opinion they form for I had to dress in a formal attire… to drape myself in a saree…traditional way & to place myself elegantly before them ( I was well mannered but when the case is about marriage & formal meeting then one gets nervous..& I was in the same situation) & we had decided that caste subject won’t be discussed & if they deliberately ask then Ashwin will tell them that she belongs to his community….we had to do something to break the ice.
I briefed my Mom about our plan & she was a darling..she was there to support me. On Sunday, I started for Ashwin’s house clad in a light pink chiffon saree, light make up & a small bindi adorned my forehead & my tresses plaited…I had long silky hair which was noticed easily by onlookers…several times, I examined myself from head to toe in the I had to look best for their son & for my love too but my heart was racing & my cheeks were pink matching my saree…I tried my best to keep myself cool.

I was at Ashwin’s place by mid noon…they were all seated in open verandah…looked as if they were waiting for me…I didn’t know what Ashwin had briefed them but they welcomed heartily and his mother exclaimed,” You are very beautiful dear, Ashwin, I like your friend”..her remark eased my nervousness ( I did not know what she meant).

We all sat together in living room & our credentials were discussed over a cup of hot coffee & cookies leaving community issues aside. I helped his Mom in laying plates, though she had managed house very well..everything kept at defined place & it was a home..soothing atmosphere…I don’t know whether the observations that I had concluded was due to Ashwin’s attraction or anything else. Over lunch, his father said that we are in a look out for a suitable match and he feels I am perfect for him in all ways…Ashwin was blushing & feeling at ease…His Mom okay ed but she asked about my community…within seconds as planned…Ashwin told her that I am from same community & my parents will visit them for the alliance if they desired. Their body gestures confirmed that I was of their liking so the ball was in Ashwin’s court &  he needed to bat well both sides at his house & now he had to meet my father to ask for my hand.
In evening, I started for my house..Ashwin mom asked him to accompany me…our inner wishes were fulfilled…as we drifted aside from his place..he took my hand in his & gestures were exchanged…we felt relaxed after month long marathon…our dream seemed nearer…I wished to rest my head on his arm…but it was a wish which could not be fulfilled at this hour…I need to wait for the right time

to be continued….. 

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